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Pixallus Website Giveaway

We understand COVID has created shifts in many people’s lives. That’s why we’ve decided to giveaway a fully functional website with all the tools you …

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How to Choose WordPress Hosting

Pixallus WordPress Hosting. Simplified. Enjoy blazing fast WordPress website loading speeds and 99.9% uptime. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, or a large organization, we …

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Tech News 22

Tradeoffs and Shifting Complexity

Reading Maeda’s Laws of Simplicity in my twenties had a profound impact on me. Law 1 (Reduce) has been beneficial over the years as I …

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Tech News 23

Making lil’ me

I’m so excited to have finally launched my website. This was one of my favourite bits to make by far. A little animated me that …

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Tech News 24

How To Use WordPress as a Headless CMS

Headless WordPress is a new and increasingly popular way to build web apps that combine WordPress’s peerless content management with the power and flexibility of …

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Tech News 25

Make Jamstack Slow? Challenge Accepted.

“Jamstack is slowwwww.” That’s not something you hear often, right? Especially, when one of the main selling points of Jamstack is performance. But yeah, it’s …

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Tech News 26

59% of Customers Will Support a Business Following COVID Safety Guidelines

A majority of US customers (59%) say they are likelier to support local businesses which follow Covid-19 safety guidelines. 75% support states implementing legislation that …

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Tech News 27

Spotlight: How Ox & Pine Went from Hobby to Successful Leather Goods Business

Not all businesses start off as a way to earn money; some are simply hobbies that evolve over time. Such was the case for Ox …

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Tech News 28

Best Self Improvement Apps for Entrepreneurs

Successful business people like entrepreneurs have usually undertaken a lot of positive personal development to achieve the state of mind that keeps them focused and …

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Tech News 22

Netlify Does Cache Invalidation For You

This is one of my favorite Netlify features. Say you’re working on a site and you change as asset like a CSS, JavaScript, or image …

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Tech News 30

New Paychex Flex Features Help in an Evolving Workplace

Workplace dynamics have evolved significantly in recent months following the COVID-19 outbreak. To help businesses evolve with changing times, Paychex Inc. recently released enhanced Paychex …

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Tech News 31

What is a Focus Group and What Do They Cost?

Sometimes surveys and second hand research are not enough to understand what’s going on in people’s minds. That’s when you need to get a group …

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Tech News 32

Three CSS Alternatives to JavaScript Navigation

Hey quick! You’ve gotta create the navigation for the site and you start working on the mobile behavior. What pattern do you choose? If you’re …

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Tech News 22

Open Prioritization

Why this? Ultimately, a large amount of the pains that developers face in waiting for things to get widely implemented are rooted in complex, but …

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Tech News 34

Celebrating 1 Million Active Installs! The Highest Number a WordPress Theme Has Achieved.

I am so thrilled to make an exciting announcement. 🤩 🕺 Today, my team and I here at Astra are ecstatic and beyond excited to …

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Tech News 35

Can I Get Business Loans After Bankruptcy?

“Can I still qualify for business loans after bankruptcy?” It’s a question small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who have suffered that fate may ask …

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Tech News 36

Most CEOs Positive and Optimistic Despite the Pandemic

Most CEOs maintain a positive and optimistic outlook about the market comeback from the Covid-19 lockdown. This was the finding of a study by Chief …

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Tech News 37

Running spot instances effectively with Amazon EKS

Since we started working on HEY, one of the things that I’ve been a big proponent of was keeping as much of the app-side compute …

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Tech News 38

American Express and SAP Concur Release Invoice and Expenses Tools

American Express and SAP Concur recently announced two digital integrations to help businesses streamline and automate invoicing and expenses. The first offering is an integration …

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Tech News 22

My Long Journey to a Decoupled WordPress Gatsby Site

As a professional research biologist, my playground used to be science laboratories filled with microscopes, petri dishes, and biology tools. Curiosity leads many scientists on …

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Tech News 40

Introducing Headless WordPress with Gatsby Cloud (Live Preview, Incremental Builds, and more!)

Today we are excited to announce that Gatsby’s new source plugin for WordPress has launched in beta! This new release delivers major improvements to our …

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Tech News 41

The Best Ways to Use Tablets in Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

Several years ago, it seemed like tablets would be in the hands of every office employee. Then tablet sales began to drop. But if you …

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Tech News 22

Lazy Loaded Prefill Embeds

CodePen’s Prefill Embeds are the perfect way to enhance documentation with live examples. With them, you keep all the code in your repo or blog …

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Tech News 43

Take the Stress Test to See If Your Business Can Survive the Pandemic

There is no doubt that this pandemic will stress every small business in many ways. How can you figure out if your company will be …

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Tech News 44

What Will the Future of Business Travel Look Like?

Business travel has always required a certain degree of planning and intentionality. But in today’s post-COVID-19 world, the need for strategic forethought is more important …

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Tech News 45

VizyPay Launches RUSH Loyalty Program to Target New Customers, Gain Repeat Business

Most small businesses are struggling to increase their sales amid the coronavirus crisis. Is your business also finding it difficult to attract customers these days? …

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