10 Email Delivery Tools That Help You To Land In The Inbox


Excellent email design and irresistible offers are unfortunately, not guarantees that your email marketing will be effective.

Each email has to overcome the hurdle of the spam filters of mail services in order to go to the inboxes of your audience.

Why deliverability is crucial for emailing

Here are the key reasons to take care of email deliverability:

  1. In the inbox, your message will be seen and read by the maximum number of subscribers, while in spam, it will probably get lost among a bunch of other emails.
  2. You get an advantage over competitors — your emails are more visible to customers, so your brand becomes more recognizable.
  3. Your email conversion rate is higher — along with deliverability, metrics like the open rate and clickthrough rate increase.
  4. You raise the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in general — as you understand the reactions to your offers and can respond to them in time.
  5. You boost the level of trust in your company both from customers and mail services. Why is this important? Read on.

Key points affecting email delivery 

Let’s look at some factors that generally affect deliverability and how to improve it.

Mail services analyze each email that potentially wants to get into the client’s mailbox according to the following parameters:

  • the subject line and text of the email — emails that contain spam trigger words, for example, “free,” “buy,” and many others, are immediately sent to spam;
  • image-to-text ratio — the recommended ratio is 20% images to 80% text. The more images, the higher the risk that email services will mark your email as spam;
  • broken links reduce email deliverability;
  • the domain and IP address reputation — the more emails from you have already flown into the blocklist, the worse your rating is;
  • technical reasons, for example, the correctness of DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and others.

You can maintain the balance between text and images by using ready-made templates in the Stripo email builder that consider this requirement. And it is better to apply special email deliverability tools for technical details.

How tools can help your emails land in the inbox 

In short, email delivery tools test emails before delivery and give you a list of improvements you need to make to increase this parameter so that your emails get into the inbox. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 email delivery tools that differ in ease of use, the number of paid and free features, and sometimes the list of problems they identify. A deliverability tool can be a standalone program or part of a service.

Top 10 email delivery tools

1. MailTester

Mail-tester is considered one of the most popular email delivery tools. It’s also very convenient to use.

On the main page, the service generates a link for you. You send an email and get an assessment and analysis of your message to ensure it gets into the inbox.

The service evaluates each email on a scale from 1 to 10 and gives you a list of all points to work on. So you can see where everything is OK and where the email needs to be polished to boost the rating.

Pricing: from $19 per month for the minimum package; 3 free spam tests per day.

2. GlockApps

GlockApps tests the deliverability of your emails, identifies content that creates the risk of being marked as spam, and evaluates the likelihood of such a hit. It also provides tools that help boost inbox hits.

GlockApps is a feature-rich service that tests:

  • potential issues that influence deliverability;
  • search domain and IP address among 50 blocklists;
  • DMARC to prevent spoofing and phishing;
  • analyze HTML and email content;
  • ESPs so you can choose the most reliable one.

Pricing: $59 per month for the base plan; 3 free spam tests.

3. Folderly

Folderly is a complex tool powered by artificial intelligence that helps you grow up email deliverability.

The service thoroughly checks necessary email demands and provides you with a comprehensive report based on which you can make improvements. The assessment includes such components as the content, the productivity of domains and mailboxes, blocklist scanning, and authentication.

Thanks to this analysis, you can see where your emails end up: in spam, promotions, or inbox.

Pricing: $200 per month for the Cold Email package, no free features.

4. Litmus

Litmus is another versatile platform that contains email deliverability tools. The service can be an excellent solution for teamwork.

Litmus checks all the vital elements that affect deliverability: content and links checks, spam tests, analysis of DKIM, SPF, and DMARC records, and other vital parameters. You can do a preliminary examination and refine your message according to the suggested recommendations.

Pricing: $79 per month for the basic plan, the free trial period is 7 days.

5. MX Toolbox

MxToolbox is a comprehensive email deliverability tool. It offers to test your emails for all the important criteria that affect deliverability that we have already mentioned.

The service helps you find MX records for any domain you need. In addition, the package includes over 10 other technical tests, including content and blocklisting.

The tool will also check all your email systems to ensure everything works perfectly or help fix critical errors. Separately, you can check the email subject lines to choose the most effective one.

Pricing: $129 per month; a free plan only includes Blacklist Monitoring.

6. Everest

Another comprehensive email delivery tool is Everest. It includes recommendations for all essential parameters and suggests recommendations for you to optimize the effectiveness of email marketing.

One of the great advantages of this tool is the integration with many ESPs, which makes it convenient to work as you and your team can do everything on a single board.

Another exciting feature is competitive intelligence, which can be used to study participant patterns.

Pricing: $20 per month for the basic plan.

7. Warmy

Warmy.io fits well with one of their “Set and forget” slogans, as it has put a lot of emphasis on automating the service to minimize manual actions on every email.

An artificial intelligence (AI) named Adeline will warm up your mailbox at an extraordinary pace. AI analyzes hundreds of deliverability influencers daily to ensure your emails land in the inbox.

Also, the AI will analyze the ESPs and suggest you the one that provides the highest delivery speed and the highest percentage of deliverability.

Pricing: $49 per month for the “Starter” package.

8. Sender Score

Sender Score service focuses on checking and improving the email sender reputation. It forms an opinion based on ESPs information. To check, you can use an IP address or domain.

The Sender Score uses a range of parameters, including:

  • amount of emails that you send;
  • the number of spam complaints;
  • external reputation.

The rating can vary from 0 to 100. If the rating is 70 or less, then you should work on the email sender reputation to improve deliverability.

Pricing: This is a free tool.

9. Spamcheck by Postmark

Spamcheck by Postmark is a tool that examines the content of your email. You upload a subject line, text, and images to the service and get a spam rating. Your task is to get the lowest score; then, the deliverability will be better.

Use the service’s suggestions to boost email deliverability.

Pricing: Free tool, available without registration.

10. NeverBounce

NeverBounce is a service that pays attention to the quality of your customer’s email addresses and provides real-time checking. 

The tool does this in 3 ways:

  • checking the list of addresses against 85 databases so that you only send emails to existing addresses;
  • checking customer emails while collecting such addresses on registration forms;
  • automation of the address verification process.

Pricing: $0.008 per email address verification (checking up to 10,000 email addresses).

Wrapping up

All the tools presented in this review help boost your email deliverability. To choose the perfect one, we advise you to work a little with each of them and evaluate the completeness of the information you receive.


This post was originally posted on Contact Out.

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