10 Tips for Adjusting Your Small Business as You Prepare to Reopen After Coronavirus

10 Tips for Adjusting Your Small Business as You Prepare to Reopen After Coronavirus 3

As businesses start to reopen after the coronavirus pandemic, it’s time to adjust to the new needs of customers. To make the most of this time, you may need to change your marketing methods or business investments. Members of the online small business community have tips for navigating these changes. Read on for more helpful insights.

Learn How to Deal with COVID Fatigue

Many customers are getting tired of constantly hearing from businesses about their response to COVID-19. So as companies begin to reopen across the country, you must figure out how to adjust to the present reality without contributing to this type of burnout. Greg Sterling addresses the issue in this Marketing Land post.

Increase Advertising During an Economic Downturn

Even though customer traffic may be picking up, coronavirus’s economic impact is likely to continue well beyond your company’s grand re-opening date. This may cause some businesses to consider downsizing their advertising budgets, but it may actually be the perfect time to increase your investment, as Tom Elliott argues in this UpCity post.

Make Smart Investments

For businesses that still have some cash on hand as they recover from the pandemic, it may be the perfect time to invest. But how should you spend that capital? Alex John shares tips in this My NewsFit post. And BizSugar members offered thoughts here.

Run Your Small Business More Efficiently

Many small businesses have lost income in recent months, so you may need to make adjustments as you ramp operations back up. For example, increasing efficiency may be more important than ever as you strive to do more with less. Renee Johnson goes over some tech tools that can help in this post on the Smallbiztechnology.com blog.

Run a Successful Virtual Event

Even with businesses opening back up, many large scale events are still on hold for the foreseeable future. This means you may need to pivot any upcoming events to digital. Ivana Taylor discusses how to do this successfully on the DIY Marketers blog.

Look at How Other Organizations Are Handling the Crisis

There’s much to be learned about navigating uncertain times for businesses and various other organizations. In this Social Media HQ post, Christian Zilles looks at how colleges are handling the crisis, which could provide some lessons or insights for businesses as well.

Invest in a Business Lawyer

Legal expertise can be beneficial to many businesses regardless of whether or not there’s a pandemic on the horizon. However, even more companies may want to consider this investment now, according to this Noobpreneur post by Addie Davison.

Change Your Marketing Philosophy

Extraordinary times may call for a change to your marketing tactics. Janice Wald discusses this concept and explores different marketing philosophies in this Mostly Blogging post. You can also see commentary from the BizSugar community here.

Establish an Emergency Fund

If the pandemic hasn’t demonstrated the importance of keeping emergency cash reserves on hand, nothing will. In this post on the Miss Millennia Magazine blog, Angela Smith examines why this concept is so important for both businesses and individuals.

Audit Your Brand’s Content

Coronavirus has changed nearly everything for consumers. So if your old content doesn’t apply to the current situation, it may no longer be serving them or your business. Jodi Harris expands on this subject and explores how to audit your content for these times on the Content Marketing Institute blog.

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