Day: May 8, 2020


Chromium lands Flexbox gap

Chromium’s CSS Flexbox and Multi-Column layout engines now support gap. grid-gap is old news. May 7, 2020 CSS Grid brought a delightful spacing feature called

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prerender.js loads pages quickly on any browser. Project Features Prerendering loads all the assets of a page before the user navigates to that page. Conventionally,

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.usa-stars {Show CSS} .usa-stars { background: linear-gradient(324deg, #3c3b6e 4%, transparent 4%) -0.7in 0.43in, linear-gradient(36deg, #3c3b6e 4%, transparent 4%) 0.3in 0.43in, linear-gradient(72deg, #fff 8.5%, transparent 8.5%)

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