25 Awesome Tech Gifts for Customers, Clients and Co-Workers


Tech gifts can be the perfect way to show your appreciation for team members, clients, and partners. As a result, you’ll want to focus on this during the holiday season. From simple gifts under 50 dollars to those that your colleagues can use on a daily basis, there’s something for everyone in today’s tech marketplace.

Still thinking about business gifts for the holiday season? Here are 25 tech gifts for the geeks and gadget lovers on your list.

Tech Gifts

Bluetooth Speaker

Let your team members or clients listen to their favorite music or podcasts anywhere with a simple bluetooth speaker that connects to their phone.


A smartwatch could be one of the best tech Christmas gifts for anyone on your list who happens to be a health and fitness enthusiast.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones may be especially useful for coworkers or colleagues who love to concentrate while they work and need help blocking out the extra noise.

Mobile Charger

If you need to purchase tech gifts for colleagues or clients who travel a lot, a mobile charging station could help them stay connected on the go.


The third generation Echo is one of this year’s best tech gifts under 100 dollars. The new smart speaker offers Alexa voice control and can work in a home or office.

Apple TV

Apple TV connects to entertainment devices to provide access to streaming content. This is the perfect gift for the entertainment fanatic on your list, especially if they use a lot of Apple products.


Need an exciting gift for a photographer or videographer on your list? A drone could be the perfect option.

Surface Go

If you want to purchase useful tech Christmas gifts for members of your team, consider the Surface Go so they can get work done on the go.


A smartphone can also be a very generous tech Christmas gift. The Google Pixel 3a is a popular option this season.

Wireless Keyboard

If you have team members or clients who like to work on the go, this wireless keyboard could help them connect their devices to a useful keyboard.


If you have people on your list who have a home office or sometimes telecommute, then a basic home office printer could be one of the best tech gifts under 100 dollars.

Photo Printer

If you’d rather stick with a fun gift, opt for a photo printer they can use to preserve their memories at home or in the office.


A mobile hotspot could be another very useful tech gift for clients or colleagues who travel or telecommute and need to be connected from anywhere.


For the reader on your list, a device like this ereader could help them save space and money.

Drawing Tablet

For the artists on your gift list, a nice drawing tablet could be a very useful tech gift.

Wifi Thermometer

For any home chefs on your list, this thermometer uses wifi to connect to the user’s phone and ensure perfectly cooked meat.

Nintendo Switch

A gaming console can be the perfect option for any gamers on your team or client list. The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular options this year.

Remote Control

This remote control isn’t just for TV. It can also connect to other elements of the home and even comes with a mobile app. Could be perfect for clients or team members who are interested in smart home features.

Portal Mini

Facebook’s Portal Mini is a small screen that facilitates easy video calling. This could be the perfect gift for team members who have recently relocated and need a better way to stay connected with family and friends back home.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell like this one from Ring is a great option for people on your list who might be concerned with home security.


You could also opt for a more fully featured security system. SimpliSafe offers both interior and exterior protection features.

Temperature Monitor

This smart temperature and humidity monitor complements the thermostat in your home to provide alerts if there are any major changes.

Casper Glow

For anyone on your list who might need help falling asleep, the Casper Glow is a self dimming light that’s designed to support rest and relaxation.


If you’re looking for affordable tech gifts under 50 dollars, a mouse could be the perfect option. This one works wirelessly and has a unique design.


A projector can help your clients and team members enjoy their favorite movies or even put on simple visual presentations. And this can be another great option for tech gifts under 50 dollars.

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