26 of the Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofit Organizations

Astra Church demo template

Charities and nonprofits have had to adapt to changing habits like the rest of the world. Having moved away from collecting donations on the street, nonprofits are now increasingly working online.

According to recent studies, around 55% of donors prefer to give online. If your charity or nonprofit doesn’t have a compelling web presence, you’re missing out.

That’s what this page is all about.

It’s a comprehensive collection of what we think are the best WordPress themes for nonprofits available. Each delivers on the particular needs of a nonprofit while looking fantastic.

We have tried and tested each of these themes to ensure they deliver the qualities you need. We spent many hours trying, testing and filtering these WordPress nonprofit themes to ensure they deliver the ease of use and great aesthetics you look for alongside the features you need.

As well as WordPress nonprofit themes, we have also suggested some essential WordPress plugins you might like to add to your site. Each provides powerful features that can propel your website to the next level and we recommend them as much as we recommend these themes.

Table Of Contents

WordPress Nonprofit Themes

Websites for nonprofits and charities have to do several jobs:

  1. They have to look professional so a potential donor has confidence.
  2. They have to convey a message so the reader understands the vision.
  3. They have to evoke emotion so the reader is prompted into action.
  4. The site then has to make it as easy as possible to make a donation, volunteer services or otherwise help the organization.

We think every single WordPress nonprofit theme in this list delivers on all those requirements!

Creating a Website for Your Nonprofit Organization

If you’re new to WordPress or building websites, we’ve got your back. It’s actually a very straightforward process made easier by these WordPress themes.

You will need:

  1. Domain name and hosting
  2. WordPress
  3. A WordPress theme for nonprofits
  4. WordPress plugins

Domain Name and Hosting

A domain name helps visitors find your website using the universal ‘www.websitename.com’ format. Your domain name needs to reflect your organization’s name as closely as possible. We have found Namesilo to be a reliable domain name registrar.

Hosting is rented server space where you install your website so it’s accessible to the world. Not all web hosts are worth the money so research web hosts thoroughly to make an informed decision.

Cloudways and Inmotion Hosting are good options.


WordPress is a content management system, (CMS), that creates the framework for your website. There is a lot to it but WordPress has been built in such a way that you don’t really need to know how it all works to get it working.

Download it or install it onto your web host to begin the building process.

A WordPress Theme for Nonprofits

A WordPress theme is installed onto WordPress to make it look pretty. The CMS has its own set of basic themes but basic just won’t do if you want to be successful. One of these WordPress themes for nonprofits will do the trick!

WordPress Plugins

WordPress utilizes plugins to add features. Some of those features are helpful, some are essential. We cover a couple of those essential plugins after the list.

Once you’re done, work your way through this comprehensive checklist before you launch your website. It could be the difference between success or failure!

List of the 26 Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofits

Now you have an idea of what’s required to build a website, let’s get to that list of the best WordPress themes for nonprofits.

1. Astra

Astra Animal Welfare demo template

The Astra WordPress theme powers a significant portion of the internet. With over a million users and dozens of premade templates, it’s a popular and easy to use theme.

You have two options if you use Astra. Use one of the professional demo templates and adapt it to your needs. Or, use the included drag and drop page builder to design your own. Both methods are straightforward, easy to do and require no WordPress or coding knowledge.

Astra templates are designed with usability in mind. They also load fast and contain clean code that is compatible with every browser on every device.

Get Started with Astra

2. Outreach Pro

Outreach Pro wordpress theme demo

Outreach Pro from StudioPress is a simple, no-nonsense nonprofit WordPress theme. It uses a standard layout with header slider, coloured top navigation, dark and white backgrounds and simple content blocks.

The theme has a set of predefined colours, attractive social media icons, modern fonts and an unfussy approach that could resonate very well with certain audiences. It doesn’t have any charity-specific elements but you could add those with a plugin or two.

Get Started with Outreach Pro

3. Benevolence

Benevolence church nonprofit wordpress demo site

Benevolence is a more detailed nonprofit WordPress theme with a lot more going on. The demo uses a calm blue colour with strong header image, a very visible ‘giving’ button is up top to capture donations which is a very useful feature.

The rest of the page includes an events calendar, posts, news, causes and more. As you can see, the theme could be used for missions, charities, nonprofits and any organization where philanthropy or good work is the core message.

Benevolence even comes with an integrated PayPal payment gateway and WooCommerce compatibility.

Get Started with Benevolence

4. Divi

Divi Animal Shelter Landing demo template

Divi is another WordPress theme with more than one nonprofit design. We particularly like Animal Shelter because it uses emotive imagery along with complementing colours and a very slick layout to perform its job.

It does miss a trick by not having a giving button or any way to donate but you could add that. Otherwise, Divi offers some very attractive designs with composed layouts, nice colours, modern fonts and the ease of use that we value in a WordPress theme.

Get Started with Divi

5. Ultra

Church ultra theme demo

Ultra is a multipurpose theme with a few demo templates. For nonprofits, we like Church. Not only is it a sober yet still approachable design, it also includes an event manager, donation form and a selection of content blocks from which you could build whatever type of website you need.

Ultra uses a drag and drop page builder the same as Astra. It provides literally dozens of layout options, headers, footers and page elements you can use to customize a demo template or build your very own. Everything you need for your nonprofit website.

Get Started with Ultra

6. Zeko

Zeko wordpress theme

Zeko is a superb design that uses a mixture of monochrome with colour pops on buttons to make its point. This is a purpose-built nonprofit WordPress theme and it works very well indeed. It’s clean, modern and would work for the widest audience. Well worth checking out.

The design uses alternating dark and light sections to keep your attention. Dark filtered images and frameless images both make an impact while the burgundy colour for the buttons works well.

The clear donate button also works, as does the inspired font choice throughout the theme.

Get Started with Zeko

7. Charity

Astra Charity demo site

Charity is a superb theme and one of a couple of WordPress themes for nonprofits we feature from Astra. This demo is a colourful design with striking main header and handwritten font. A clear ‘giving’ button up top keeps the intent clear while simple navigation does the trick without getting in the way.

Further down the page, a combination of dark and light sections with colourful images and a great mix of fonts creates that professional persona you need while keeping things light hearted.

The bright pink button colour draws attention for all the right reasons too!

Get Started with Charity

8. GivingPress Lite

givingpress lite demo template

If you prefer to give all the money you receive to the cause you’re supporting, you may want to consider a free nonprofit WordPress theme. They cost nothing but require more work from you to get it working. One free option is GivingPress Lite.

GivingPress Lite is a simple, clean free WordPress theme built using a subtle design with pared back colours, simple fonts and a standard page layout. It could work well for some nonprofits and has the capacity to be customized as required.

There is even a donation feature on the page that could be linked with a payment gateway. All for free!

Get Started with GivingPress Lite

9. Benevolent

benevolent wordpress demo site

Benevolent has a free version and a premium version. Both share a very similar design with a mixture of dark and light and a series of colours down the page. A strong header image evokes emotion while a clear donation button is at the top to gain maximum attention.

The free version is restricted largely to the colours you see, unless you know CSS to change them. The premium version adds colours, Google Fonts, a custom slider, backgrounds and more.

Both versions work well and can be customized and the premium version is actually well priced so you definitely have options here.

Get Started with Benevolent

10. Neve

Charity neve demo template

Neve is another WordPress theme we feature a lot in our ‘best of’ lists. It’s a flexible multipurpose theme with dozens of demo templates that cover many niches. There is a dedicated nonprofit template but it isn’t the strongest in their list. It does have the features you need though.

Features such as emotive imagery, professional design, a nice mix of colours and a donation button. You can mix and match templates and add donation features if you like as Neve uses a page builder to help create designs.

Neve is a very flexible theme with a lot to recommend it. We think it’s a top performer, which is why it’s in our list of best WordPress themes for nonprofits.

Get Started with Neve

11. GrassRoots

Grassroots wordpress theme website

GrassRoots from Organized Themes is a compelling nonprofit WordPress theme. It opens with that emotive full screen image with a simple call to action and modest donate button in the corner.

The page unfolds with a mixture of content blocks, full width calls to action with image backgrounds and boxed areas for more content. An earthy palette suits the design nicely but can be changed according to your needs. As can everything you see on the demo.

GrassRoots stands out thanks to the design and the campaign element under the header. It is well worth considering if you think the design would work for your own organization.

Get Started with GrassRoots

12. Resurrect

Resurrect wordpress theme

Resurrect, as the name might suggest, is a church theme that could easily be repurposed for nonprofits. It’s a dark theme which would work for younger audiences with a textured background and dark on dark navigation and content areas.

It’s a modern theme with a magazine-style layout, events calendar and optional content blocks. There is also a donation section at the bottom, although we would move that to the very top and make it stand out a bit more.

If you’re targeting a younger or modern audience and think a dark theme could work, this is definitely one to try.

Get Started with Resurrect

13. Endurance

Endurance wordpress template

Endurance is another church theme that could be repurposed for nonprofits. It’s also another free nonprofit WordPress theme that looks too good to be free. It’s a very clean design with some contemporary touches and while it won’t use a page builder, you can customize it with minimal skills.

Endurance uses a white boxed layout with darker background and a soft green colour. All of which could be changed of course, but they work well here. In the centre, some standard content blocks could be used for all your news, events and story.

There is a donate button at the top and on the page and an events calendar too. It offers a lot of features considering it’s free.

Get Started with Endurance

14. Maisha

maisha theme demo site

Maisha is a premium nonprofit WordPress theme. It looks like it too. It’s a very polished layout with monochrome design. Those pops of colour from the orange make more of an impact because of that design.

From the emotive header to the borderless content blocks to the full width campaign monitor element, this theme screams nonprofit. It’s a very stylish design with some contemporary touches and could be very powerful if handled right.

The theme integrates with payment gateways to encourage giving and is compatible with WooCommerce if you have items to sell.

Get Started with Maisha

15. Charity Theme

Astra Charity demo template

Charity Theme by Astra is another of our purpose-built WordPress themes for nonprofits. This is a premium theme that utilizes awesome design with impactful colours and fonts alongside emotive imagery to make the right first impression.

This is a light hearted theme that still gets a serious message across. It’s a great balance that is elevated by the pink contrast colour. Everything can be changed using a drag and drop page builder like Elementor but you could theoretically launch your website using this demo with minimal customization.

Charity Theme exhibits excellent design in an accessible way and for that we think it is definitely worth your consideration.

Get Started with Charity Theme

16. Foundation

Foundation demo template

Foundation is a more restrained design with more of a news vibe. We like it because it seems effortless and has a laid back feel that would work well for certain organizations. We also like the layout and the clear and unambiguous messaging.

The theme uses a boxed layout with calm blue highlight colour with dark elements. It’s a good combination that lets the blue stand out. There is a very effective campaign block under the header with a goal and give button that would work exceptionally well too.

Foundation is simple but effective and considering its low price, offers a decent option for many types of nonprofit.

Get Started with Foundation

17. Charitize

Charitize wordpress theme

Charitize is a free nonprofit WordPress theme with a premium version. It’s a very busy design with a lot going on but still manages to convey the key message. It’s a great design for lively organizations or those who want to appeal to a modern audience.

The design is image-heavy so you’re going to need to know how to optimize images. Otherwise, the demo page is vibrant, colourful and includes the content blocks you need along with a built-in store element, signup forms and donation section.

The free version contains all the key elements you see but has fewer customization options.

Get Started with Charitize

18. Maranatha

Maranatha demo site

Maranatha is another church theme that could easily be repurposed as a charity website. It has a full screen header with image background with coloured overlay and headline. It’s a bold start but not overbearing so could work in all kinds of situations.

Further down the page are optional content blocks with maps, archives, news, blog and so on. Spacing is good and the mixture of filter overlays covering the images is very effective. This is a sober design but works very well.

You would need to add a donate feature to this theme but that can be done in minutes with a plugin.

Get Started with Maranatha

19. Charity

Charity demo site

Charity by WPLook is a colourful and impactful nonprofit WordPress theme. Sure the slider could do with being softened a bit but otherwise, this is an effective design that uses an orange highlight colour to help communicate the core message. It’s a compelling combination!

The theme uses white space and contrast colours well. Messages are clearly communicated and the images back them up. The white spaces gives you a moment of pause before the next content block and is partly what makes this design so successful.

Along with flexible content blocks, a donate button and signup form, this theme has all the features you need.

Get Started with Charity

20. Narcos

narcos demo template

Narcos goes in a completely different direction than Charity. This is a soulful theme with an almost sepia tone that conveys a different type of message altogether. While not a dedicated WordPress theme for nonprofits, you can see how it could work with minimal customization.

The theme could work well for wildlife of environmental causes. It includes that main header, a mix of grey and white backgrounds and more filtered images down the page. The design includes flexible content blocks and some smart design elements that could work incredibly well for the right cause.

You would have to add features like donations or volunteer signups but that’s easy with WordPress plugins.

Get Started with Narcos

21. Essence Pro

Essence Pro wordpress theme

Essence Pro is another template that isn’t about charity but easily could be. It’s a more contemporary design with subtle header image with bold headline fonts and navigation, a series of content blocks below the fold over a great background and subtle highlight colour.

That highlight colour could do with changing right away but the rest of the theme could work well. The combination of white space, content blocks, modern and traditional fonts and overall page balance means the design could work exceptionally well in all kinds of situations.

Again, you would have to add donation and volunteer functions with plugins but otherwise the design is good to go.

Get Started with Essence Pro

22. Nayma

NAYMA wordpress demo site

Nayma is another contemporary theme that could be repurposed for nonprofits. It’s a compelling design because it is so flexible, it could genuinely become any kind of website you like. From an eCommerce store to blog, or nonprofit website.

The design has a hint of Scandi with a flat, modern feel. It uses a boxed layout with grey background and white content blocks. Along with subtle highlight colours and well-chosen images, the design portrays a feeling of comfort while also looking professional.

Nayma is compatible with Gutenberg and WooCommerce as well as other WordPress plugins, so adding functionality should be easy.

Get Started with Nayma

23. Forward

Forward demo template

Forward is an interesting design. It looks like a newspaper or magazine theme but is designed as a WordPress theme for nonprofits. It’s light, easy going and attractive, all things a good website should be.

The boxed layout sits on top of a colourful background image and contrasts that with white boxes and calm green highlight colour. A clear campaign element shows donations and includes a donate button while the rest of the design includes optional elements to cover everything else you might need.

Get Started with Forward

24. Exodus

Exodus theme for non profit organization

Exodus is a church theme that has all the elements you need for a nonprofit. It’s a clean, crisp design with subtle colours, a restrained image slider, simple navigation and a clear message portrayed right away.

Further down the page you have a selection of content blocks covering most needs including an events calendar, news, images and donation section. We would definitely make more of that donation area but that’s simple with the theme customizer.

Exodus is a very flexible theme with some very attractive elements. We think it could deliver everything you need with a little work.

Get Started with Exodus

25. Faith

Faith Demo template

Faith is also a church template that could be turned into a non-profit WordPress theme. It shares a similar design to Endurance with a soft colour palette, subtle navigation, nice font choices and modest contrast colours.

It’s also easy to see how this could be turned into a WordPress theme for nonprofits. Simply change the images and the copy, add your own logo and make more of the donate button and you would be good to go.

Faith is a free WordPress theme so will require a little work on your part to make it sing, but we think it’s well worth the effort.

Get Started with Faith

26. Landing

Landing Demo site

Landing is a multipurpose theme with a selection of demo templates covering many niches. There isn’t a dedicated nonprofit theme here but each of the demos could be repurposed with ease.

We included Landing in our list of the best WordPress themes for nonprofits because of the quality of the designs. We like the Event demo for younger audiences as it’s colourful, energetic and engages right away. All things we want a nonprofit website to do!

Get Started with Landing

Recommended Plugins for WordPress Nonprofit Themes

Now you have some inspiration thanks to our WordPress themes for nonprofits, now it’s time to mention a few essential plugins.


GiveWP WordPress Donation Plugin homepage

GiveWP is a donations plugin for WordPress that makes short work of collecting, managing and documenting donations on the web. It’s a premium plugin but handles every step of the donations process including adding a donations section to a page.

GiveWP also tracks donations, manages recurring donations, provides insight into page visitors, adds goal sections to pages to encourage giving, manages multiple currencies and a whole lot more.

Get Started with GiveWP

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO is one of a few essential SEO plugins we recommend for every website. It has a free and a premium version and both handle the basic SEO requirements every website needs to begin the steady climb to the top of the search engine results page.

Yoast SEO handles most of the core SEO functions a website needs and some more advanced ones. Even the free version is worth using and comes with a wide range of powerful functions. Premium adds another level of SEO goodness and we highly recommend it.

Get Started with Yoast SEO

Astra Pro and Mini Agency

Astra Pro Addon site

Astra Pro and Mini Agency are both plugins for the Astra theme that make an already powerful package even more so. The two plugins are separate and offer many more customization options, more typography styles and a huge range of features that make building a website as easy as possible.

Astra Mini Agency takes that even further by enabling access to Ultimate Addons for Elementor and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. Two page builder packages that add even more functionality to an already feature-rich package.

Get Started with Astra Pro

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Gutenberg Blocks Library For WordPress

This free plugin can be used with the WordPress Gutenberg editor to create websites, customize them and enhance existing pages with ease. The plugin includes a range of page elements from info boxes to forms, post layouts to price lists, social media buttons to Google Maps.

If you like using the Gutenberg editor, this is an essential plugin. While the built in elements cover most needs, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg adds many more elements and improves on many others. Considering this is a free plugin, there is a lot on offer here!

Get Started with Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

PayPal Donation

PayPal Donation plugin

PayPal Donation is a free plugin that allows you to easily integrate a donation button onto your website. Visitors can use their own PayPal account or credit card to make a donation and both can rest easy knowing PayPal handles everything.

The plugin works well. Download, install, set up, link it to your PayPal account and you’re good to go. Add the button to a page or donation element on a page and you can begin collecting donations right away.

Get Started with PayPal Donation

Summary of WordPress Nonprofit Themes

What do you think of our best WordPress themes for nonprofits?

We think they represent the best of what’s on offer right now and cover every conceivable use.

After reading this page, you should have a good idea of how to build a WordPress website, ideas for WordPress themes for nonprofits and suggestions for additional plugins to supercharge your site.

We hope it helps launch your nonprofit to the next level!

Do you use one of these WordPress themes for nonprofits? Have any other themes to recommend? Have something to say? Tell us about it below!

This article was originally published here.


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