8 Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins For 2020 (Hand-Picked)


What’s involved in choosing the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress? You might already have a systematic way of choosing which plugins make it into your WordPress installation.

That process may involve comparing the best plugins side-by-side and making a decision based off of that. Whatever your exact process, we assembled a list that’s reliable and informative to help you quickly get to the end.

In this post, we’ll talk about what you should look for in a Google Analytics plugin, consider eight of the top free and premium analytics plugins and help you evaluate them to arrive at a decision that you can look back on with a smile.

Before we dig in, here’s a comparison of key features and pricing between all the plugins considered in this article.

What Is a Google Analytics Plugin Must-Have?

What’s the one thing every good Analytics plugin should give you? Before we answer that, let’s accommodate everyone by briefly looking at what Google Analytics is.

Google Analytics is web-analytics software or a set of tools that track and report website traffic. These tools help you better understand your customers, their actions and interactions on your website.

At the end of the day, what you want from analytics is to understand your users better and use that understanding to give them a better and improved experience.

Therefore, every good analytics plugin should do more than just collect and present data. It should present the data you need and help you achieve your end goal. Whether that be more leads, conversions, sales, etc.

The Best WordPress Google Analytics Plugins

Google Analytics makes it possible to track and measure very many aspects of your website’s usage. That said, different plugins have a different focus and you’ll want to match that with your needs.

Let’s now consider eight of the top plugins we cherry-picked for you to choose from.

1. MonsterInsights

Monster Insight plugin image

Monster Insight plugin image

What Is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is a popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It is a convenient way to turn data collected by Google Analytics into meaningful reports that can be used for real world action.

What’s Good About MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights comes with a built-in Google Analytics Dashboard for your WordPress site, it’s easy to install and it shows you real time data. That’s difficult to beat!

Here are some features that come with:

  • Audience Report
  • Behavior Report
  • Content Report
  • Ecommerce Report
  • Forms Report
  • Search Console Report

Anything Not so Good About MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is really advanced, however, one of the most echoed opinions about the plugin is that the free version doesn’t do enough and that the pro version is overpriced. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

MonsterInsights Pricing

The free version of MonsterInsights is available in the WordPress directory. You can also purchase a premium version of the plugin to unlock features such as events tracking, ecommerce tracking and more.

You can get MonsterInsights at the following price points:

  • $199.00 for 1 site with 1-year support and updates.
  • $399.00 for 5 sites with 1-year support and updates.
  • $799.00 for 25 sites with 1-year support and updates.

2. GA Google Analytics

GA Pro plugin image

GA Pro plugin image

What Is GA Google Analytics?

GA is a minimalist plugin that connects Google Analytics to WordPress. This lightweight plugin inserts the required Google Analytics tracking code in your posts and pages.

The plugin is rather well maintained and negative feedback about it is almost non existent.

What’s Good About GA Google Analytics?

GA is lightweight and places a lot of emphasis on performance. At the same time it lets you easily customize your tracking code along with some fairly advanced options.

Making it ideal for new users as well as WordPress experts. Anyone looking to add analytics to a WordPress site in a few easy steps.

Here is a partial feature list:

  • Includes tracking code in header or footer
  • Includes tracking code on all WordPress web pages
  • Includes option to add your own custom markup
  • Sleek plugin Settings page with toggling panels
  • Option to disable tracking of admin-level users
  • Option to enable page tracking in the Admin Area
  • Easy to customize the tracking code

Anything Not so Good About GA Google Analytics?

The plugin doesn’t come with a dashboard. This means that you’ll need to visit your Google Analytics account in order to view your site statistics.

Additionally, both the free and pro versions of GA don’t offer enough of the advanced tracking features available in other freemium alternatives.

GA Google Analytics Pricing

If you like the free plugin enough, you can upgrade at the following prices:

  • $15 for 1 site with lifetime basic support and updates.
  • $30 for 3 sites with lifetime basic support and updates.
  • $60 for 10 sites with lifetime basic support and updates.
  • $120 for unlimited sites with lifetime basic support and updates.

3. Site Kit by Google

Google site plugin image

Google site plugin image

What Is Site Kit?

Google’s official plugin for insights on how people find and use your site is called Site Kit. Site Kit pulls up-to-date insights from multiple Google products, including Analytics directly on the WordPress dashboard.

What’s Good About Site Kit?

The plugin provides stats that are easily accessible and displayed in a way that is easy to understand, making the plugin a hit amongst most in the WordPress community.

Here are some features you can expect to get:

  • Easy-to-understand stats
  • Official stats from multiple Google tools
  • Quick setup for multiple Google tools
  • Metrics for entire site and for individual posts
  • Easy-to-manage permissions

Anything Not so Good About Site Kit?

Sike Kit is great, but it’s a newcomer on the WordPress analytics scene. As such, there have been quite a few reports about bugs and things not working as expected.

While Google continues to improve the plugin, it’s only reasonable to assume that there will be more of such issues experienced in the foreseeable future. This isn’t unusual for relatively new plugins.

Site Kit Pricing

Google Site Kit is 100% free and open source. You can download it directly from the plugin directory.

4. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Analytify

Analytify plugin image

Analytify plugin image

What Is Analytify?

From a Google Analytics Premium Partner, Analytify is a plugin that does more than insert tracking code in your website, it presents statistics under posts, pages and even custom post types

What’s Good About Analytify?

Wielding an impressive 1-Click Authentication process to add Google analytics tracking code to your website, Analytify is definitely a good option if you’re looking for a ‘codeless’ (painless) approach.

What’s more, as a technology partner of Google you can be confident that they must have some idea about what they’re doing

What you get in the way of features:

  • See traffic data for individual blog posts and pages
  • Bounce rate of top pages: What’s happening when users come to your site
  • List of top Countries
  • List of top Cities
  • Social Media Statistics
  • List of top Referrers Browsers
  • List of top Referrers
  • Mobile device Statistics

Anything Not so Good About Analytify?

If you like to look at things only visually this may break your heart, but graphs are only for pro users, same goes for real-time statistics. So if these are fairly important to you, it may be necessary to consider upgrading or looking elsewhere.

Analytify Pricing

You can either get the free version of Analytify from WordPress.org or get the pro version by choosing one of four basic pricing plans on their website. They also have bundled offers to purchase different addon combinations together.

  • $39 for 1 site with 1-year support and updates.
  • $69 for 3 sites with 1-year support and updates.
  • $99 for 10 sites with 1-year support and updates.
  • $199 for 100 sites with 1-year support and updates.

5. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

WooCommerce Analytics plugin image

WooCommerce Analytics plugin image

What Is WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration?

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration provides the desired link between WooCommerce and Google Analytics. This means that if you’re a store owner looking to track things like sales in your analytics (and why wouldn’t you), you can!

What’s Good About WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration?

Since the WooCommerce 2.1 release, the Google Analytics integration for WooCommerce is no longer part of the WooCommerce plugin. This has resulted in a much improved plugin with more accurate stats.

The features you’ll get:

  • Adding tracking code to your site
  • Set Google Analytics code to support Display Advertising
  • Use Universal Analytics instead of Classic Google Analytics
  • Anonymize IP Addresses (Comply with certain privacy laws)
  • Add eCommerce tracking to your Thank You page
  • Add event tracking code for Add to Cart actions

Anything Not so Good About WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration?

Would you like to know nearly everything about what’s going on in your store, this integration doesn’t make that possible. While the plugin is greatly improved, it doesn’t track some events to get you more advanced data.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration Pricing

The WooCommerce integration is open source and available for free in the plugin directory, therefore you can get some of that much needed ecommerce data into your analytics.

6. WP Google Analytics Events

WP Google Analytics plugin image

WP Google Analytics plugin image

What Is WP Google Analytics Events?

WP Google Analytics Events allows you to fire events whenever someone interacts or views elements on your website. Events can be created for each time a visitor scrolls down, views your pricing table, and more.

What’s Good About WP Google Analytics Events?

Events tracking isn’t the easiest thing to wrap one’s head around, and so it makes a major difference when there’s a solution that’s easy to use and well supported by staff. That’s exactly what you can expect from this plugin.

What you get:

  • No need for code
  • Compare performance of calls to action
  • Track Links
  • Tracking contact form submissions
  • Understand what percentage read article to the end
  • Extensive Documentation

Anything Not so Good About WP Google Analytics Events?

To get everything you need out of events you may need to upgrade to the pro version which can be somewhat of a challenge on a tight budget

WP Google Analytics Events Pricing

You can download the plugin for free or download the pro version on their website.

  • $79 for 1 site with 1-year support and updates.
  • $149 for 5 sites with 1-year support and updates.
  • $199 for 20 sites with 1-year support and updates.

7. Lara’s Google Analytics

Lara's Google Analytics plugin image

Lara's Google Analytics plugin image

What Is Lara’s Google Analytics?

Lara’s Google Analytics is a plugin that saves you a trip to the Google Analytics website by introducing a full width Google Analytics dashboard widget into your admin area.

What’s Good About Lara’s Google Analytics?

For those that like to keep things centralized, this plugin is for you. Not only does Lara’s Google Analytics insert the latest Google Analytics tracking code to all your pages, it also adds a full width Google Analytics dashboard widget for WordPress admin interface.

Enjoy the following features:

  • Enjoy Beautiful Graphs At Full Width
  • See Pages visited in your site
  • See Browsers used to view your website
  • View Languages spoken by your website visitors
  • Know the Operating Systems used by your website visitors
  • Know the Device Types used by your website visitors

Anything Not so Good About Lara’s Google Analytics?

The plugin’s documentation isn’t exactly moving, so you’ll mostly have to figure out your way around the plugin on your own.

Lara’s Google Analytics Pricing

Available for free and at the following prices:

  • $14.99 for 1 site with 1-year support and updates.
  • $49.99 for unlimited installations owned by you or your company only (one time)
  • $99.99 for unlimited installations owned by you or your clients (one time)

8. Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Made Easy

Analytics Cat plugin image

Analytics Cat plugin image

What Is Analytics Cat?

Analytics Cat is a neat WordPress plugin that inserts Google Analytics code on your website without all the unnecessary settings and extra code.

What’s Good About Analytics Cat?

This plugin absolutely delivers on its promise, which is what? To be “a simple, reliable Google Analytics plugin”.

Make no mistake! This plugin is a great option. Especially if you’re looking to avoid the complex stuff and stick to the basics.


  • Easily Add the Google Analytics tracking code
  • Hide your Google Analytics tracking code from logged-in users

Anything Not so Good About Analytics Cat?

Not exactly a deal-breaker, but Analytics cat doesn’t have a setup or installation wizard. So you’ll have to go into Google Analytics, find your code, and paste it into the settings.

To find out how to do that and more Google Analytics setup related information, be sure to visit our Complete Guide to WordPress Google Analytics.

Analytics Cat Pricing

Analytics Cat is entirely free on the plugin directory. And there are many exciting improvements and feature additions planned for this plugin, whether those changes will come with a pro version remains to be seen.

Conclusion – What Is the Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress?

Choosing the best analytics plugin for WordPress is now easier than ever. We gathered the top analytics plugins and put them side by side for you to compare.

As we alluded to earlier, each of these has a different focus (performance, eCommerce, etc) and you’ll want to keep that in mind as you decide a plugin to move forward with.

After that, you might like to check out a light-weight theme that has a focus on being easy to use, customize, and is SEO-friendly.

With these and more features, Astra isn’t just good, it’s the best!

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself: Join 800,000 + users who build awesome websites with Astra

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