Autumn (macOS window manager)


Keep your Mac from sleeping while an app is open

As long as “Dictionary” is open, your Mac will not fall sleep! This can be altered to use other events, such as connecting to a specific Wifi network, or when a window with a specific title is open.

Make your windows dance in place!

This is actually in the demo video up top, and I put it there because it’s super fun, even though it’s probably completely impractical. Try it out to get the full effect.

Show sleep-time when your computer wakes from sleep

This example demonstrates that you can run custom code in response to hardware events, such as your computer going to sleep or waking, a USB device being connected or disconnected, and screens being added or removed.

Full-fledged window manager in just a few lines of code!

This is the exact code that I use every day to manage my windows, verbatim. It’s a complete window manager that works by dividing your screen up into a logical “grid” of rows and columns, and moving your windows so that they fit into “cells” on that grid.

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