Blocks 1.2.1 and Forms 2.5.7 with usability improvements and bugfixes

Blocks 1.2.1 and Forms 2.5.7 with usability improvements and bugfixes 3

This maintenance release of Blocks 1.2.1 and Forms 2.5.7 improves the usability of the new Toolset Slider block and brings other fixes.

Usability Improvements

Blocks 1.2.0 introduced the new Toolset Slider block. It makes it very easy to create image sliders from static images or dynamic sources. To help users further, we improved the Slider block’s description and added documentation links.

Forms 2.5.7 adds two handy improvements to existing features:

  • You can now set the size of the preview for the form’s image fields.
  • You can now set the label of the submit button on relationship forms.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed the center alignment for dots pagination controls.
  • Fixed the side effects of a bug in Chrome affecting sites using WooCommerce.
  • Fixed the preview of blocks hidden per device size.
  • Fixed an issue where the View Loop wasn’t displayed correctly in the backend when using a masonry or collage layout.
  • Fixed the preview of some styling settings for the Button block.
  • Fixed the caption background color on the Slider block.
  • Fixed an issue where the Slider block on WordPress Archives was not rendering images.
  • Improved the default label for edit and delete links so that they don’t include the title of the affected post.
  • Fixed the submission of required repeating media fields on forms that are not using the Media Library.
  • Fixed submitting media fields, including the featured image, on forms for WooCommerce products that are using the Media Library.
  • Fixed form conditionals after submitting a form with AJAX.

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