ConstructReach Addresses Employee Shortage Problem in the Construction Industry

ConstructReach Addresses Employee Shortage Problem in the Construction Industry 3

Eighty percent of construction businesses are reporting a labor shortage.  The industry is also dealing with a lack of tech innovation.

A construction industry workforce development company is looking to tackle both issues in a new way. Small Business Trends contacted Paul Robinson, CEO of ConstructReach, to find out more.

Engaging the Next Generation of Construction Employees

He started by describing their mission.

“As a diversity and inclusion enterprise, ConstructReach increases the visibility of the construction industry. We educate students about career opportunities within construction,” he writes. “We connect general contractors to interns and innovative internship curricula.”

Attract a Pool of Diverse Workers

The idea is to offer experiences and create content to attract a pool of diverse workers to sustainable construction careers.

“We also want to unite stakeholders to ensure the construction industry continues to thrive.”

At least some of the issues the construction industry is facing is due to skilled labor that’s heading towards retirement. There aren’t enough new skilled laborers and employees waiting in the wings.

Educate About Opportunities in Construction

“Plus, almost half of the millennial and Gen Z youths are non-white,  and were not educated about the opportunities in construction,” Robinson writes.  “And they view the construction industry as a sector in need of a diversity infusion.”

In a nutshell ConstructReach is looking to match up a supply and demand with fresh approaches. These include a series of I Built This events throughout the country to gain exposure for the initiative. The idea is to put it in front of a number of stakeholders like students, GCs, educators and brands.

Give Visibility to Construction Companies

Robinson explains some of the other angles.

“ConstructReach gives visibility to construction companies across the U.S. In addition, it provides the opportunity for an innovative internship curriculum that speaks to a young and diverse demographic.”

Companies with a membership can list their jobs on the website. There’s also a ConstructReach Social Network so industry leaders can connect students as well as potential interns and employees with jobs.

Create a Peer Network

The ConstructReach Social Network also allows construction businesses to network with their peers.

As a result, interested companies can set up a profile and list it on the website. It’s simple and it doesn’t take a lot of time. For example, all general contractors need to do is click on the Apply Now button to start their profile.

ConstructReach offers an excellent approach to revitalize what could otherwise be an ailing industry. Robinson is also quick to emphasize the humanitarian angle behind all their efforts.

“ConstructReach was built with the intention to empower and rebuild an industry that is sustainable and boundless in nature,” he writes.

Bring Together a Generation

“The mission is to bring together a generation struggling to find themselves with an industry that is ready and willing to accept them. “

To that end, the company lists hundreds of jobs, apprenticeships and internships that are available in the construction industry. They update this section of their website monthly. If you’re an interested small business in the construction industry or looking for a job, you can also read the success stories on the website.


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