Display Dynamic Content Using Kadence Blocks

Display Dynamic Content Using Kadence Blocks 3

Toolset 1.5 brings deep integration with Kadence Blocks plugin. Learn how to use these great new features.

We just released the Beta version of Toolset Blocks 1.5. It enables Toolset’s Dynamic Sources for Kadence blocks, including both free and pro versions.

How it works

This integration is now visible to all versions of Toolset Blocks. However, it will work properly only if you use Toolset Blocks 1.5 Beta or a newer version. If you use Toolset Blocks 1.4 or older version, you will see the Dynamic Sources options inside Kadence Blocks but they will not work properly.

Toolset “tells” Kadence for which blocks and options there are Dynamic Sources available. Here is the full list of Kadence blocks with Dynamic Sources enabled.

Kadence Blocks – Free version:

  • Info Box
  • Advanced Heading
  • Row Layout
  • Column
  • Pane

Kadence Blocks – Pro version:

  • Image overlay
  • Split Content
  • Modal (few visual glitches but otherwise works fine)
  • Video popup

How to use it

When using Kadence Blocks on your Toolset-powered site, insert or select a Kadence block and look for the Dynamic Sources section in the right sidebar. There, simply enable dynamic sources for any available option you need.

Here’s an example of using Dynamic Sources in a Kadence Info Box block.

Feedback? Comments?

As you can see, your palette of blocks for building Toolset-powered sites just got a beautiful boost!

Are you already using Kadence Blocks? Excited about the new integration?

Share your impressions in the comments and we’ll reply!

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