Episode 65: WordCamp Asia Cancellation Prompts Community Support


WordCamp Asia was cancelled this week due to concerns of COVID-19/coronavirus in the region. This week, Wordfence CEO Mark Maunder talks about the decision to offer the WordCamp Asia Cancellation Fee Assistance Package to attendees, volunteers, organizers, and speakers that had planned to travel to this inaugural regional WordCamp.

We also cover a number of WordPress plugin vulnerabilities disclosed this week affecting hundreds of thousands of sites, and over 500 malicious Chrome extensions removed from the Chrome Web Store affecting millions of browsers worldwide.

Here are timestamps and links in case you’d like to jump around:

2:13 Event Manager plugin vulnerability disclosed affecting over 100,000 sites
2:44 GDPR Cookie Consent plugin improper access controls affecting over 700,000 sites
3:44 Profile Builder plugin vulnerability allowed site takeover affecting 65,000 sites
4:49 Google Chrome web store removes 500 malicious extensions affecting millions of browsers.
7:14 Interview with Mark Maunder about WordCamp Asia cancellation, the COVID-19 virus concerns, and the WordCamp Asia Cancellation Fee Assistance Package from Wordfence, GoDaddy, and Yoast.

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A transcript for Think Like a Hacker episode 65 is forthcoming.

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