Join Our Affiliate Program

21 Aug 2017


There is no fee to registar as an affialite and it takes only 2 mins to get started. You can sign up here


Default Commisions

For hosting plans, we offer a $75 one time commsision. We offer 15% as a default commission for all products and services. You will receive 15% for every payment we receive from your referall link. Any setup fee will be included in the initial commission. Thereafter, recurring commissions are based upon the product's Recurring Amount.

Commission is earned for products/services (including configurable options) only. Commission is not earned on:

  • Domain names
  • Product Addons
  • Upgrade Orders (however any recurring commissions will increase with the new renewal price)
  • Manually created invoices

Promotion Behaviour

If the referred client uses a promotional code to receive a discount when signing up, the value of the commission will be reduced. If a fixed amount commission is configured then you will still receive the full value.

Upgrade Behaviour

If a referred client upgrades/downgrades their product then commissions you receives in future will also be adjusted to match the price of the new product. Commission payments already earned will be unaffected. There is no commission paid on the upgrade/downgrade order itself. This does not apply to one-time commissions.

Commission Delay

We have a 30 day wiat period before paying out commsions. We also have a minimum payout amount of $150. So once you've reached $150 or more and 30 days have passed, you can request a payout. You'll see this option in the Affilaites dashbaord.  

Affiliate Linking Code

You can find your referal link in your Client Dashboard > Affiliates. Share this link to potential clients. You'll also find your affiliate embed code that you can paste into a page on your own website.