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Manage Email Forwarders

This article describes how to configure e-mail forwarders in cPanel.

About e-mail forwarders

By configuring e-mail forwarders in cPanel, you can automatically forward a message from one e-mail account to another e-mail account. You can also do the following:

  • Forward messages from one account to multiple accounts by creating multiple forwarders.
  • Forward messages from a non-existent account to another account. For example, even though you may not have an e-mail account configured on your server, you can still set up a forwarder that forwards messages sent to to another account.

Adding an e-mail forwarder

To add an e-mail forwarder in cPanel, follow these steps:

  1. In the Mail section of the cPanel home screen, click Forwarders.
  2. Click Add Forwarder.
  3. In the Address to Forward text box, type the e-mail address that you want to forward.
  4. Select a destination for the forwarded message:
    • To forward the message to another address, type the e-mail address in the Forward to e-mail address text box.
    • To discard the message and send an error to the sender, click Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time). You can also optionally set the text for the error message that the sender receives.
  5. Click Add Forwarder.

Deleting an e-mail forwarder

You can delete an e-mail forwarder when you no longer need it. However, you cannot modify an e-mail forwarder. If you need to modify an e-mail forwarder, delete it and create a new one.

To delete an e-mail forwarder, follow these steps:

  1. In the Mail section of the cPanel home screen, click Forwarders.
  2. Click Delete next to the forwarder that you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete Forwarder to confirm the deletion.

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