How to build advanced sites with Toolset and Divi


This tutorial teaches how to combine Divi and Toolset on the same website. We show how to choose the builder to use for different parts of the site.

When you’re using the Divi theme, we recommend using the Divi builder only for static pages and Toolset to build the dynamic elements of the site.

You should not mix Divi and Toolset elements on the same page, to avoid compatibility issues and make sure that what you build now will keep working in the future.

Legacy integration with Divi 3

The Toolset Views plugin features a “legacy” integration with the Divi 3 version that allowed you to design Toolset elements like Views, templates, and archives using the Divi Builder.

For existing sites based on Divi 3, this integration should keep working and we will do everything we can to maintain it in the future. However, don’t update these sites to Divi 4 version because that would likely break your designs.

Please note that this kind of integration is not possible and will not be implemented for Divi 4 version and newer.

How to switch to the Block Editor when using other page builders

If you’re using other page builders like WPBakery, Elementor or Beaver Builder, we recommend the same. Use the page builder for static pages and Toolset for the dynamic content.

Beaver Builder

When creating a new page, click Use Standard Editor.

How to build advanced sites with Toolset and Divi 1

WPBakery Builder

New pages use the Block Editor by default.

How to build advanced sites with Toolset and Divi 2


New pages use the Block Editor by default.

How to build advanced sites with Toolset and Divi 3

New to Toolset Blocks?

With Toolset, you can display custom lists, create custom searches, display posts on a map and much more.

Check out the Getting Started Guide to learn how to build your sites visually using blocks.

Feedback? Questions? Suggestions?

Are you using Toolset and Divi together on your sites? Please leave comments with your questions, ideas, and suggestions and we’ll get back to you.

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