How to Clear Cache in WordPress


Always wondered how to clear WordPress cache?
In this article, we’ll show how to clear the WordPress cache in various caching
plugins, including WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, and W3 Total Cache.

Let’s jump right into the meat of the article!

What is Caching?

Before we dive into how to clear WordPress
Cache, first, you need to understand what WordPress Caching is.

We’ve already explained this in our other
WordPress caching guides you can see here.

But in short, caching is like when the waiter
or waitress at your favorite restaurant remembers your order, so you don’t have
to repeat yourself each time. Caching works; in the same way, your browser or
the website saves your website so the next time it needs to be loaded,
everything is ready to go.

Reasons Why You Need to Clear Your WordPress Cache

New Content Isn’t Displaying

If you’ve ever used caching on your website
and made an update, chances are you’ve run into this issue.

Most commonly, this happens when you make
changes in the WordPress customizer, or you update an existing page or post on
your WordPress website.

Some WordPress caching plugins automatically
clear (also known as “purge”) their cache when you make an update to a page or
post. However, in some instances, you may still need to clear the WordPress
cache manually.

It’s worth noting though that even if you
clear your WordPress cache, you’ll also need to clear your browser cache. Or
alternatively, use an incognito window to see your changes if the content has
been cached by your browser.

Plugin & Theme Updates

After you’ve updated your plugins and your
theme, you should always clear your WordPress cache, why?

Picture this, your caching plugin has cached
all the assets (CSS, JS) of your other plugins and theme, you update, and
suddenly your website is broken. 😱This is because the CSS/JS files are
out of date.

Clear your WordPress cache, refresh your
browser cache and et voila! Your site should be working again!

One of the most common questions any WordPress
plugin or theme company receives is, “why did my website stop working after the
last update?” And the most common response to that is “clear your cache and try

And often it works! That’s why you need to
clear the WordPress cache after each and every plugin or theme update you

How to Clear Your WordPress Cache

Let’s be honest this is what you came for —
how to clear your WordPress cache, don’t worry if you don’t use the plugins we
show here as the process is more or less the same with each plugin.

How to Clear Cache in WP Rocket

It’s no secret, we’re big fans of WP Rocket
here at Astra, and you’ll be pleased to know it’s super simple to clear the WP
Rocket Cache.

In your wp-admin there’s a WP Rocket menu
added to the toolbar:

clear cache with wp rocket

Hover over “WP Rocket” and then in the displayed
dropdown click on “Clear Cache”:

clear cache on wordpress dashboard with wp rocket

And it’s done! You’ve now learned how to clear
the WP Rocket Cache.

Anything important to note?

WP Rocket has support for cache-preloading —
allowing you to automatically build the cache of your site without requiring
visitors to visit each page to create the cache.

How to Clear Cache in W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache works a bit differently to the
other caching plugins in our list as you can clear each different time of cache
or clear all caches at once.

In W3 Total Cache, clearing WordPress cache is
referred to as “Purge all Caches.”

There are two ways to clear the WordPress
cache in W3 Total Cache.

1. Clear All Caches From the Toolbar

In the wp-admin toolbar you’ll see an item
called “Performance”:

w3 total cache performance

Hover over this and then in the resulting
drop-down click on “Purge all caches”:

purge w3 total cache from the dashboard

Once you click that, all the caching methods
you have setup in W3 Total Cache will be automatically cleared.

2. Clear Each Individual WordPress Cache

In your wp-admin
> Performance > General Settings
, you can scroll down through each
individual cache option and click the “Empty Cache” button to clear the cache.

w3 individual cache clearing

If the “Empty Cache” button isn’t clickable,
then you most likely don’t have that specific caching module enabled.

And it’s as simple as that to clear W3 Total

Clear WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache has two ways to clear the
cache. You can also separately clear the minified CSS/JS files, perfect for if
you’re updating plugins/themes or other site styles.

arrow pointing at delete cache on wordpress dashboard

In the wp-admin toolbar you’ll see a new
“Delete Cache” button, hover that and you’ll then have two options:

delete all cache from wordpress dashboard with wp fastest cache
  1. Clear all cache — deletes every cache file on your website.
  2. Clear cache and all minified JS/CSS files — deletes every cache file on your website and also clears the minified files. Use this option after you’ve upgraded your theme/plugins.

And the second way of
clearing your cache in WP Fastest Cache is from the plugin settings. In your wp-admin > Fastest Cache > Delete
, you’ll see two buttons:

clear cache with wp fastest cache

The two options provided are the same options
we talked about earlier on with one to delete the cache and one to delete both
the cache and minified CSS/JS files.

Clear Cache in WP Super Cache

It couldn’t be simpler to delete the cache
with WP Super Cache. As soon as you install the plugin a new button is added to
the wp-admin toolbar “delete cache”:

delete cache with wp super cache on wordpress dashboard

Click on “delete cache,” and instantly, the
entire cache on your site is deleted.

WP Super Cache also has the option for you to
delete the cache of all pages from the main plugin settings in your wp-admin
> Settings > WP Super Cache > Delete cache.

delete cache with wp super cache

And done! You’ve now successfully cleared your
WP Super Cache, cache.

How to Clear Cache in Cachify

Unlike the other plugins mentioned in this
article, you won’t find a shortcut to deleting caching in the wp-admin toolbar.

Instead head on over to your wp-admin > Settings > Cachify:

cachify clear all cache from wordpress dashboard

And you’ll notice something strange… there are
no options to delete the cache, this means that unlike other caching plugins
you can’t clear the cache whenever you feel like it. Meaning you’ll need to
wait for the cache to expire automatically.

How to Clear Swift Performance Lite Cache

In the wp-admin bar you’ll see the Swift
Performance Lite shortcuts:

clear all cache with swift performance lite

Hover over that and you’ll then see the “clear
cache” option in the dropdown:

clear all cache with swift performance lite2

Click that, and the Swift Performance Lite
WordPress cache will be cleared.

How to Clear Cache in Breeze

Breeze like most the other plugins mentioned
within this article adds a new admin menu item to the toolbar within the
WordPress admin area:

clear cache from breeze on wordpress dashboard

Hover over that, and
you’ll then see two primary options:

  1. Purge all cache — clears all caches created by Breeze.
  2. Purge modules — there are another two sub-options within this option:
    1. Purge Varnish cache — clears the varnish cache; if you aren’t using varnish on your server, this option won’t have any effect.
    2. Purge internal cache — Clears WordPress internal cache.
purge cache with breeze

Select whichever option to clear your
WordPress cache, and then you’re good to go!


In this article, we’ve shown you how to clear WordPress cache in several popular caching plugins. Despite the conception that caching can be challenging to clear, it’s much simpler than it may initially seem.

Have you had problems with clearing caching
within WordPress plugins before? Let us know in the comments below.

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