How To Find Anyone’s Email Address With Twitter 🐤


So you want to send someone some stuff, but the only thing you’ve got on them is their Twitter profile. It might feel kinda weird to reply to a tweet and ask them outright, but what else can you do?

Here are some tricks you can try on your quest to get into their inbox!

1- Check their Twitter bio

This is your obvious first port of call.

Not many Twitter users will have their email addresses just out in the open on their profile since it’s basically asking for a thousand spam emails. The people who do usually put up only their professional email addresses for business purposes, which makes this part of your job super easy.

So just head to their profile and check their bio for any contact details:

Email Address With Twitter: Finding address in twitter bio


2 – Using Twitter Advanced Search

A more internet-savvy person will sometimes hide their email address from bots by replacing the “@” symbol with “at” and the period in .com with “dot.”

Using Twitter Advanced Search, you can look for the words “at” or “dot” within your target person’s tweets and see if they’ve tweeted out their preferred contact email before.

Including words like “email,” “contact,” and “reach” is also a good idea.

So first, get onto the advanced search menu.

Next, key in your search terms. For example, let’s look for a “John Smith.”

Email Address With Twitter: Twitter advance search example 1

And voila! Here’s one

Email Address With Twitter: Twitter advance search results

Let’s see if we can make the magic work again. This time, let’s search through tweets by a specific Twitter user. This might help you narrow the search for people with common names.

Email Address With Twitter: Twitter advance search queries

Well, it was worth a shot.

If your prospect is more cautious about their internet privacy, you’ll most likely only find links to personal websites and portfolios on their Twitter account. But fear not! You can…

3 – Check their website and other social media

If they have a personal or business website, they’re likely to have their email address listed somewhere on it. Check their “about us” or “contact us” pages, and if their email address isn’t listed, it should still hold some contact details that you can use to keep prospecting.

4 – Doing a WhoIs check

If you can’t see an email address on their website, you might still be able to find the address associated with the website itself. For example, if the prospect owns the website, then you can use the ICANN WhoIs lookup.

This tool gives you information about the domain owner. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see a name, an address, email address, and phone number associated with the domain registration.

It’s a super straightforward tool to use.

First, enter the domain name (don’t include the “https://” bit).

Email Address With Twitter: ICANN look up

Then scroll down to find the contact information.

Email Address With Twitter: ICANN look up results

This doesn’t always work. For example, sometimes the domain is under WhoIs protection, or the domain is purchased under an agent, which hides the owner’s details for better privacy. In which case, you’ll have to crack your fingers and do things the old-fashioned way.

5 – Google their username

Try plugging their Twitter handle into a search engine and see what comes up. Most people use the same username for several different social media accounts, so their Twitter username is likely the same or similar on other sites.

If they’re part of any web forums, they may have included a link to their Twitter account in their profile as a way to contact them. This means that the profile will show up if you run a google search on their handle.

For example, after plugging their handle into google, you find that Twitter user @dentistdrill (if this is your actual username, first off, why?) is part of a web forum for orthodontists where they go by DrillBro86 (again, I have questions).

You can then plug in the username from the forum to see if they show up elsewhere. Usually, after about two or so degrees of association, you’ll find some contact info, including an email address.

But if this too fails…

6 – Slide into their DMs

Bite the bullet. Be bold.

You can do it. I believe in you!

It’s scary, and the success rate isn’t always high, depending on what you’re trying to communicate. But sometimes, just shooting off a direct message with a “Hey, I’m [x]. I do this cool thing that I think you might be interested in. Can I send you some stuff to look at via email?” is the way to go.

It’s best to be straightforward and genuine in a direct message. Take a few minutes to really craft the message before you send it off so that you can make a good first impression and increase the likelihood of a response.

To maximize your chances of getting a positive lead from this method, make sure you’re contacting the person on their professional Twitter account. Most people hate getting business stuff on their personal accounts.

Why is this so hard?

People are cagey about putting their contact information online for good reason. With the number of scams floating around out there, it’s understandable that people would want to limit the number of unsolicited emails they receive.

If your starting point is a personal Twitter account, finding the right email address for a professional inquiry can definitely be an uphill battle.

But it’s not impossible! And it’s a skill that you can get better at with time! So with just a bit of practice, you’ll be prospecting through the bird app with the best of them.

Check out our ultimate guide on proven ways to find anyone’s email address. Or specifically how to find someone’s: 

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