How to Generate an Affiliate URL


Now that Rank Math’s Affiliate Program is available and open for applications, it’s time to get started as an affiliate & start generating commissions for all of the sales you help Rank Math make…

If you’ve joined our affiliate program and your application has been approved — Congratulations! Without further ado, we’ll walk you through this tutorial to generate your unique affiliate URL for any page on Rank Math so that you can start promoting them.

1 Navigate to Rank Math Affiliate Dashboard

To get started — you need to login to your Rank Math account and navigate to Affiliate Area. Be sure to use the same email address that you applied to our affiliate program with.

Rank Math - Affiliate Area

Your Affiliate Dashboard will appear on your screen — it would look like this.

Rank Math Affiliate Dashboard

The Referral URL Generator section under the Affiliate URLs tab will help you create your unique Affiliate URL. Enter the page on Rank Math you wanted to promote in the Page URL field. By default, this field has the URL of our homepage (

For this tutorial, we’re creating an affiliate URL for our Rank Math features page, another high-converting landing page that helps users with all the awesome features packed with Rank Math.

Rank Math page URL for affiliate promotion

3 Enter A Campaign Name

Next, in the Campaign Name field, enter a name for your promotion campaign. (Optional)

How to Generate an Affiliate URL 3

PRO TIP: Try to use a unique and distinguishable Campaign Name for each promotion channel. It is a good practice to do so as you’ll be able to identify which promotion channel is driving more affiliate sales for you, and you should be able to focus more on it to boost your affiliate sales.

4 Generate Your Affiliate URL

Now, you can click the Generate URL button to create your unique affiliate URL (referral URL).

Generate Rank Math affiliate URL

You can notice your Referral URL being generated with your Affiliate ID and Campaign Name included.

Copy your Referral URL from Rank Math Referral URL Generator

And, that’s it! You can now copy and share your referral URL anywhere & start promoting Rank Math — Good luck! If you’ve any questions about our affiliate program, feel free to email us at, we’re always more than happy to help…

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