How to Use LinkedIn as a Recruitment Tool the Right Way


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There’s no doubting the importance that software, technology, and tools have for businesses today.

You have the technology to speed up and automate various processes, helpful software for customer experience, and various tools to boost efficiency.

Recruiters can use a combination of these tools to help them make better hires, save money, and offer a better candidate experience. This tool kit includes applicant tracking systems, candidate assessment tools, and much more.

Another tool that can be outstanding for recruiters is the LinkedIn platform. While it might be best known amongst employees to help them land a job, it can be equally valuable for recruiters looking to make their next big hire.

Let’s go over how to best use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool.

Build and Maintain a Strong Company Page

Your company page will be one of your biggest assets on LinkedIn when recruiting candidates.

Use it to show candidates what your business is, and what it’s all about. It should feature relevant content, have employee profiles/testimonials, great graphics, and even helpful content like e-books or industry-specific tips and tricks.

You can also share things like articles and job posts to the company page. Engage potential candidates with content that has value.

Aim to have a consistent posting frequency. It would be hard to attract the highest-quality candidates if your company page doesn’t look professional and isn’t updated.

The better you can convey your company values and culture through your company page, the easier it will be to connect and resonate with candidates who will be a good fit.

Also, make sure to respond to comments and participate in relevant discussions to keep your page active.

Use the Right Keywords to Find the Right People

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LinkedIn has well over 800 million users, and finding the right candidate amongst the masses can be difficult.

One helpful tip is to use keywords to help you find talent. You can search keywords by title, search for certain skills, or even search for people in certain geographical areas.

The right keywords to search for will depend entirely on who you are looking for, where you are located, and the skills you are looking for in a candidate.

If you search by keyword, you can ensure all results are at least relatively relevant. This can really help you narrow down searches that may be otherwise broad.

Using the right keywords in your job posts or posts from your company page can help qualified candidates find you much easier.

Send Messages, But do it Wisely

If you want to directly reach out to candidates, sending them a message is a great way to start things off.

However, you need to use messages wisely. Sending the wrong message can ruin your chances with a candidate, as it may be mistaken as spam.

If you are struggling with what to send, there are some great recruiting message templates out there to use. But make sure to always personalize these messages to ensure they stand out.

The messages you send should be brief, and you should always instantly tell them why you’re reaching out. If you bury the lead, the candidate might just ignore the message.

Your messages should always be polite and complimentary. And always make sure to thank the candidate for their time in the end.

LinkedIn can be a wonderful recruiting tool, and we hope that this article has shown you the best ways to use it as one.


This post was originally posted on Contact Out.

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