How to Write Killer Sales Copy in Under 5 Minutes Using AI Writing Tools


Every day, businesses are tasked with the challenge of creating high-quality, persuasive sales copy that can convince potential customers to buy their product or service.

However, writing compelling copy day in and day out is really hard. And the reality is, most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire copywriting agencies.

But now, thanks to rapid advancements in AI technology, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

A new suite of AI-powered writing tools is beginning to enter the market, revolutionizing the way businesses can produce killer DIY sales and marketing copy at scale and at a low cost.

In this article, we’ll discuss their key features plus show you an example of AI-generated sales copywriting at work.

What Are AI Writing Tools And How Do They Work

AI writing tools are software programs that use artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to replicate the skills of a human copywriter, all done in a fraction of the time and cost.

These tools are not programmed with rules, but are instead coded to learn and evolve by observation and repetition.

This is achieved by making them “read” and analyze tens of millions of pages of text written by professional writers to first detect and then master the patterns of successful sales copy.

Then, by providing some basic guidance in the form of textual inputs, these AI tools go to work to automatically generate quality content.

In fact, you can produce an endless supply of fresh content that’ll be original each time.

How to Choose The Right AI Writing Tool for Your Business

How to Write Killer Sales Copy in Under 5 Minutes Using AI Writing Tools 1

It can be difficult to know which AI writing tool is right for your business. Here are some key factors you should consider when choosing one.

First, you should consider what features are important to you. For example, if you are concerned about the risk of plagiarism, then you’ll want to choose an AI writing tool that has a built-in plagiarism checker.

If you have a large content team, then you’ll want to focus on the cost per seat, especially if you have a distributed team with multiple members writing concurrently.

Most AI writing tools are metered. Which means you’ll need to carefully manage the volume of words you generate per month to make sure you don’t exceed your monthly quota. Costs can easily get out of hand that way.

Finally, you should read user feedback from platforms like TrustPilot and reviews from business software review sites, like to compare different tools.

5 Key Features That All AI Writing Tools Should Have

There are five key features that you should look for when choosing an AI writing tool:

  1. Look for tools that offer generous monthly caps of AI-generated words for your subscription dollar.
  2. Look for tools that generate readability scores to improve the readability of your sales copy.
  3. Choose a tool that has a built-in plagiarism checker for original & unique copy.
  4. Choose  a tool that comes with a thesaurus feature so you can easily find synonyms to experiment with.
  5. Pick a tool that comes with a built-in or third-party engine like Grammarly to help you correct grammar and spelling mistakes on the fly.

How To Use AI Writing Tools to Create High-Quality, Persuasive Sales Copy

The best way to appreciate the power of AI copywriting tools is to test them out in real-world scenarios.

So, let’s use the example of a fictitious CRM vendor who wants to create a sales outreach campaign for their email list of prospects in order to increase the size of their sales pipeline.

Let’s say the company’s name is DojoCRM and they specialize in customer relationship management software for martial arts studios.

Our job now is to come up with persuasive sales copy for our email outreach campaign, and for this purpose, we’re going to use the AIDA marketing framework.

This acronym stands for: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action and it’s one of the many frameworks that are available in most AI writers to quickly generate sales and marketing copy.

For this example, I’m going to use Jasper, a popular tool used by many copywriting professionals.

Jasper’s implementation of the AIDA framework requires the following three inputs:

Company/Product name

Here, we’re just going to type in “DojoCRM.”

Product description

For this input, we’ll reuse some of the text from above, more specifically: “DojoCRM is a customer relationship management technology company that specializes in CRM tools tailored to martial arts studios.”

Tone of voice

AI copywriting tools ask you to provide a tone of voice since they’re trained to follow predefined patterns.

Examples of tones are things like helpful, witty, persuasive, professional, excited, bold, and so on. Since we’re going to be creating sales copy, let’s choose “Persuasive.”

Next, let’s enter all this information into Jasper’s AIDA AI template and give it a spin:

How to Write Killer Sales Copy in Under 5 Minutes Using AI Writing Tools 2

Not bad! Let’s click the Generate AI Content button one more time with the same inputs to get a different take:

How to Write Killer Sales Copy in Under 5 Minutes Using AI Writing Tools 3

Perfect. This is enough information to work with. Now, it’s just a matter of using the above copy, mixed with our own words, to craft our outreach email.

It could go something like this:

Hi ,

Are you looking for a better way to manage your studio customers and keep them coming back?

At DojoCRM we know that customer retention is key to your success. So we’ve developed CRM tools that are specifically tailored to the needs of martial arts studios.

Our software makes it easy to track and manage your clients, so you can focus on delivering the best experience possible with the help of studio-specific features that are typically lacking in standard CRM tools.

With our software, you can easily see which members are most active and most valuable, so you can reward them accordingly.

You can also keep track of who is due for renewal and send them automated reminders to encourage them to stay with your studio. And that’s just a small fraction of what you can do with this tool to help you improve your bottom line.

I’d like to set you up for a free trial so you can experience first hand how DojoCRM can help you improve your studio’s profitability.

Please call me at _____________ and I can set you up in just 15 minutes.

Talk soon!



There you have it. Killer sales copy generated in about 5 minutes. Imagine the time it would take if you had to write this email from scratch!

The Bottom Line

AI writing tools can be great for businesses that want to create high-quality, persuasive sales copy at a low cost.

When choosing an AI writing tool, you should consider the features that are important to your specific sales copy needs, the cost structure of the tool’s monthly subscription (all the popular ones are metered), as well as user and expert reviews.

AI copywriting tools are a game-changer that will give early adopters a clear competitive advantage. Why not become one? Most tools offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee.


This post was originally posted on Contact Out.

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