Introducing Elementor Pro 3.1: Custom Code, Performance Improvements, and More!

Introducing Elementor Pro 3.1: Custom Code, Performance Improvements, and More! 3

Helping you create professional sites is our biggest priority and that means providing you with the tools you need to save time and focus on the work that matters to you most. To help streamline your work and reduce your dependency on other plugins, we’ve added the ability to include Custom Code in your site and manage all of your code snippets from one place in Elementor.

Up until now adding Custom Code in Elementor was not possible without the use of a third-party plugin or complicated code adjustments to your theme files. All that changes today.

With the new Custom Code feature you’ll be able to include tracking codes (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc) meta tags, and other external services in various areas in the page like the head and body tag.

All that beautiful custom code will be accessible in one place – Elementor. Plus, you’ll be able to decide exactly which code runs on which pages.

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