Iowa CISO Jeff Franklin Steps Down After More Than 10 Years


State capitol in Des Moines, Iowa.

The state of Iowa is in the market for a chief information security officer, as Jeff Franklin has vacated the role after more than 10 years.

Chief Information Officer Annette Dunn confirmed in an email today that Franklin is no longer with her office.

According to Franklin’s LinkedIn, he worked with the state for more than 13 years, first as an IT specialist and then as an information security officer with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. He joined the Office of the CIO as Iowa’s CISO in 2009 and became deputy director of the office in 2014.

Franklin also served as interim CIO for seven months last year after Robert von Wolffradt stepped down in January 2019. Dunn started as CIO in August.

As CISO, Franklin served the state in several groups and governor’s initiatives. He was involved in various working groups to draft a formal cybersecurity strategy, update the state’s cybersecurity emergency response plan and provide recommendations for securing elections and training staff.



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