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2020 End-of-Year Thoughts

What’s Old is New

This year, I learned a lot about how “old” tricks can solve a lot of modern problems if you use the right tools. Following the

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WordPress and Jamstack

I recently moderated a panel at Netlify’s virtual Jamstack Conf that included Netlify CEO Matt Biilman and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg. The whole thing was

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Jamstack Conf

Jamstack Conf 2020 Register for Jamstack Conf Virtual in October What to Expect at Jamstack Conf Oct 6 9:00am – 3:00pm PDT Keynotes Breakout Sessions

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Weaved Webs

There is a bit of an irony with Jamstack. The concept is simple: you put pre-rendered, static files on web hosting (a CDN) designed to

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5 Myths About Jamstack

Jamstack isn’t necessarily new. The term was officially coined in 2016, but the technologies and architecture it describes have been around well before that. Jamstack

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New in Chrome 88: aspect-ratio

[{ “type”: “thumb-down”, “id”: “missingTheInformationINeed”, “label”:”Missing the information I need” },{ “type”: “thumb-down”, “id”: “tooComplicatedTooManySteps”, “label”:”Too complicated / too many steps” },{ “type”: “thumb-down”, “id”:

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