Meet Our Leaders: Stirling Austin

Meet Our Leaders: Stirling Austin 3

There are plenty of reasons to join an Elementor Community. For some, it’s the opportunity to learn new technical skills. For others, it’s a chance to build relationships with other like-minded professionals. For Stirling, it was a little bit of both.

This Community Leader wanted to connect with and help other Elementor enthusiasts — including beginners, experts, colleagues, and competitors. Stirling doesn’t see their differences when it comes to collaboration, only their potential: “When you share the knowledge that you have gained with others then it becomes a richer experience for all involved,” he explained.

Stirling carries those cooperative principles through to his leadership style. He cites assistance from colleagues and panelists Sue Fernandes and Joe Bamber, as especially helpful for building a welcoming community. 

Together, the three have created a knowledgeable community that retains a sense of teamwork and warmth. The professionals strive to send a clear invitation to ‘old friends’ and curious newcomers alike.

As with many of our events in the past year, new meetup guidance during COVID-19 shook protocol up a bit. However, Stirling hasn’t missed a beat. This Community Leader continues to prioritize member familiarity in the meetings. There’s always personal interaction present to support members’ professional pursuits. 

Additionally, there’s even a small silver lining to the current situation: people from around the world are joining the now online meetings. Mr. Austin doesn’t plan on slowing this down, explaining that “…when [they] get back to meeting in Manchester at a physical location, [they] hope to stream the meeting online at the same time”. 

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