Meet Our Leaders: Susan Hope

Meet Our Leaders: Susan Hope 1

Susan found her love for technology in the late 70’s when she first started experimenting with Word Processing software (a precursor to Microsoft Word) and quickly realized that she was also skilled at teaching others how to use the software. This is how Susan first discovered her lifelong passion for teaching and training others – a theme that would emanate to other areas of her life throughout the years to come. 

Over the years, Susan held different positions and explored various fields in the technology space; however, she enjoyed website building and design the most and was quite good at it too, having built a roster of clients lining up to have their websites designed. Uncoincidentally, this is how Susan came across Elementor a few years ago, when she was building a website for a client and came across the Astra theme.

Once Susan started diving deeper into Elementor, she stumbled upon many things that she didn’t know how to approach or do, which led her to the Elementor Facebook group. Thanks to her wonderful fellow community members, Susan was able to quickly learn the Elementor ropes and expedite what she loves to do most – building and designing stunning websites. 

Susan would continue to regularly visit the Facebook group and would frequently come across questions she knew the answers to. Susan, who has a knack for teaching, saw this as an opportunity to contribute to the community and applied and became an official Elementor Community moderator. We couldn’t be more proud to have Susan as part of our outstanding moderators! 

“I really enjoy helping people in the community and am learning new things myself along the way.

There are no words to describe how fulfilling it is to know that you’ve helped hundreds of people. My favorite response that I receive from people is different variations of ‘I love the way you teach Susan’.”

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