New Real Estate Training Course


We just published a brand new training course on building Real Estate sites in WordPress. It comes with a beautiful new demo site you can use for testing or as a starting point for your projects.

Watch a quick video overview of the new Real Estate training course:

What you will learn

You can find the new Real Estate training course in our documentation.

Here’s a list of top features for real estate sites that you will learn how to create.

Create custom search for properties

A good custom search is the heart of a real estate site. People want to find the right property fast.

Add filters based on your custom fields, taxonomies, and relationships so they can select parameters and get results.

Don’t forget a map for ultimate usability.

New Real Estate Training Course 7

Custom search for real estate properties

Setting up post relationships

Connect your “properties” with “agents”. This allow you to easily display one when displaying the other.

Display custom list of real estate properties

Visually design your list of properties and display them anywhere on the site. As this is a real estate site, adding in a map is always a good idea.

New Real Estate Training Course 8

Custom list of real estate properties with a map

Easily display property information

Toolset allows you to use dynamic sources in all your templates. It takes only a few clicks to display any post information, custom field, or taxonomy.

You can easily and beautifully display all property information.

New Real Estate Training Course 9

Easily display all information about properties

Allow users to register and submit their own properties

Use Toolset forms to register users from the front-end. Then allow them to submit their own properties. Finally, create an account page and let them easily manage their properties and own profile information.

Install the new Real Estate demo site

Did you know that Toolset provides demo sites you can install with a few clicks? This includes the beautiful new Real Estate demo site built entirely with blocks.

You can use these sites to follow our training courses, test the features or even as a starting point for your projects.

You can set up your free Toolset demo sites in two ways:


Do you plan on building real estate sites? Have experience in building them in the past?

Let us know what you think about the new course and demo site!

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