New Toolset Reference Sites – April 2021


We’re happy to announce the release of three new Toolset demo sites. Each of them demonstrates the power of using dynamic content, and two show Toolset working seamlessly with popular block plugins.

Toolset provides a set of ready-to-use demo sites. We also call them Toolset Reference sites. You can use them for testing or as a starting point for your projects.

Here are the new sites at your disposal, each bringing a unique set of features.

New Toolset Reference Sites – April 2021 7

The Dog Walkers demo site has a colorful and dynamic front page

Dog Walkers – Directory Site

The newest addition, Dog Walkers – Directory Site, has an upbeat and clean design that is easy to understand and customize.

The idea behind this demo is to show how to create a beautiful website with minimal design interventions but a full set of advanced features.

Therapists – Toolset Integration with Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Toolset Blocks 1.4 brought integration with multiple popular block plugins including Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg (UAG). This Therapists demo site showcases dynamic content from custom post types, fields, and taxonomies used in UAG blocks.

New Toolset Reference Sites – April 2021 8

The Therapists demo site shows a smooth design

Photographers – Toolset Integration with Stackable blocks

Photographers – Toolset Integration with Stackable blocks is a dynamic reference site based on Toolset’s integration with the popular Stackable blocks plugin. 

New Toolset Reference Sites – April 2021 9

The Photographers front page uses a minimalist style

With its minimalist design and structure, this reference site is great for understanding the bare essentials involved in creating a professional WordPress site with Toolset and Stackable. 

How to Install and Use?

There are two ways to use Toolset Reference Sites.

Create a free account on our Discover WP website and you get a sandbox for installing any of our reference sites. You create new instances with literally a few clicks. Everything you need is included in the test sites: Toolset components, demo content, and the whole site structure and design.

Framework Installer

You can also easily install our reference sites in your own development environment, like a localhost. 

Go to your Toolset Download page and click the Reference Sites tab. At the bottom, you will see a button for downloading the Toolset Framework Installer plugin.

For details on using the Toolset Framework Installer plugin, check out our page about installing Toolset demo sites.

Feedback? Comments?

Did you already use Toolset Reference Sites? If so, what do you think about these new ones?

New to our demo sites? Let us know what you think!

Leave us a comment and we’ll reply!

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