Spotlight: Behind the Leaf Reveals Business Resources for Women

Spotlight: Behind the Leaf Reveals Business Resources for Women 1


Some communities have traditionally been underserved when it comes to business conferences and support. Women and minorities in particular haven’t had access to as many resources as others. But Behind the Leaf wants to change all that by providing resources and support for women owned business.

The company runs a business conference for women entrepreneurs in South Florida. Additionally, they a book fair for female authors along with other types of support to help women and minority entrepreneurs succeed. Learn more about the company and the team behind this mission in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides resources and support for women business owners in South Florida.

Marketing Consultant Vivian Olodun told Small Business Trends, “Behind The Leaf serves its community by providing free workshops and paid conferences to expose women business owners to useful tools readily available to their nonminority and male counterparts. There are many strategies available to female small business owners. But the lack of access, in the form of delivery and implementation continues to be a common obstacle.”

Additionally, Behind the Leaf hosts the Flourish Media Conference powered by Capital One Bank. And then there’s PublisHER, a traveling book fair for women authors.

Business Niche

Providing access to necessary funding.

Olodun says, “We are the only business conference where the speakers donate towards a small business grant awarded to conference attendees.”

How the Business Got Started

After making important connections.

Olodun explains, “Six years ago I met two women that would help me change everything small business owners knew about digital entrepreneurship.

Olodun met Sasha Revolus, a brand consultant and non-profit guru, and Dr.Tracy Timberlake, a Digital Business Strategist and founder of PLATFORM, a mentorship program that helps entrepreneurs build their digital businesses. Together, they created the vision for Behind the Leaf.

Biggest Win

Hearing positive feedback from event attendees.

Since helping entrepreneurs is the organization’s goal, hearing success stories is a big win.

Olodun says, “Their testimonials about doing business together, connecting with investors and planning projects together in their hometowns makes my heart sing.”

Biggest Risk

Niching down.

Usually, client based businesses can reduce risk by working on multiple projects. However, Behind the Leaf found that strategy wasn’t working. So the team decided to change things up.

Olodun adds, “We had to make adjustments that made us a one client organization. That was scary. We took a risk putting all our eggs in one basket. The result was some of our best work!”

Lesson Learned

Choose the right partners.

Olodun says the team would do things a bit differently if they could start over again. Instead of settling for less than perfect matches, they would have looked for perfect partnerships right away. Additionally, they would have removed some players from projects more quickly.

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Supporting various projects.

There are a few different areas where Olodun and the team would invest. For example, she outlined capacity building projects already on the books, along with digital advertising.

Favorite Quote

“If you want to go fast, go alone. And if you want to go far, get a team.” -Anonymous.

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Find out more about the Small Biz Spotlight program

Image: Behind the Leaf; Dr. Tracy Timberlake, Sasha Revolus, Vivian Olodun

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