Spotlight: Mom Gives Her Life a Makeover with Facelift Reflexology Business


Starting a business isn’t always just a way to make money. In fact, some entrepreneurs use it to create a fresh start in their lives. Taking business opportunities is one way to start over. This was the case for Naseem Akhtar, who moved to a new country with her kids amid a divorce and decided to go into business as an independent facialist, reflexologist, and provider of holistic therapies. Additionally, she now offers services that are completely unique to her new location.

You can read all about Akhtar’s journey and her business opportunity in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers a variety of facial related therapies.

Services include reflexology, aromatherapy, facial advance reflexology, and zone facelift therapy.

Business Niche

Offering facial zone facelift reflexology, which is a holistic therapy shown to be better than botox and fillers.

Akhtar told Small Business Trends, “I am the only one offering this in Edinburgh.”

Spotlight: Mom Gives Her Life a Makeover with Facelift Reflexology Business 1

How the Business Got Started

As a fresh start.

A single mother, Akhtar picked up her three kids and moved 300 miles away to Edinburgh.

She said that she started the business, “After I left my marriage started all over again by going back to uni and looking after three children.”

Biggest Win

Being self employed

Akhtar is a freelance practitioner. And she says attaining that title has been her biggest accomplishment to date.

Lesson Learned

Go all in.

Akhtar adds, “I wish I started this full time instead of part time.”

Spotlight: Mom Gives Her Life a Makeover with Facelift Reflexology Business 2

Favorite Part of the Job

Conversing with clients.

In addition to providing facials and reflexology, Akhtar says that clients often spend a lot of time discussing issues they’re having.  However, she really loves turning their days around.

She says, “I love to listen and make them feel better. Receiving positive feedback makes my job worth while.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Starting a community service project.

Akhtar explains, “I would love to open a therapy room for the community, and this would for vulnerable communities who are not coping well in life.”

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Images: Naseem Akhtar

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