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Pixallus Website Giveaway

We understand COVID has created shifts in many people’s lives. That’s why we’ve decided to giveaway a fully functional website with all the tools you …

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How to Choose WordPress Hosting

Pixallus WordPress Hosting. Simplified. Enjoy blazing fast WordPress website loading speeds and 99.9% uptime. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, or a large organization, we …

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Tech News 35

A little bit of plain Javascript can do a lot

I’ve never worked as a professional frontend developer, so even though I’ve been writing HTML/CSS/JS for 15 years for little side projects, all of the …

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Tech News 36

How To Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in WordPress

The “Error establishing a database connection” message strikes fear in a WordPress users heart, prompting many a panicked support request. You try to load a …

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Tech News 37

How to Make a List Component with Emotion

I’ve been doing a bit of refactoring this week at Sentry and I noticed that we didn’t have a generic List component that we could …

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Tech News 38

How to delete all node_modules directories from your computer

How to delete all node_modules directories from your computer | Go Make Things Go Make Things June 17, 2020 Over the last few years, I’ve …

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Tech News 39

Spotlight: How Kinetic Events Adjusted to a World with No Large, In-Person Events

Many large, in-person events have been put on hold due to COVID-19, which makes it tough for an event staffing agency. Instead of just accepting …

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Tech News 40

Only 12% of Salespeople Believe Automation Will Take Their Job

Automation is making a huge impact on small businesses and the workforce as a whole. But salespeople aren’t generally concerned about losing jobs to automation. …

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Tech News 41

45% More Productive Working at the Office, Not Home

Office productivity vs. home productivity. Right now, there’s a dilemma facing many employers. Where are your employees at their best? Almost half (45%) of workers …

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Tech News 42

Displaying the Current Step with CSS Counters

Say you have five buttons. Each button is a step. If you click on the fourth button, you’re on step 4 of 5, and you …

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Tech News 43

PPP Loan Application Deadline Extended to August 8

If you didn’t complete an application for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan before the previous deadline, you’re in luck. On July 4, President Donald …

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Tech News 44

WooCommerce on CSS-Tricks

I always get all excited when I accomplish something, but I get extra excited when I get it done and think, “well, that was easy.” …

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Tech News 35

Improving Chromium’s browser compatibility in 2020

This post was originally posted here Check out our Starter Sites built with #ToolWeLove including Toolset, Elementor Pro, and Astra Pro.  

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Tech News 46

34% Working from Home Have Lockdown Lethargy

Almost one-third of one country’s workforce is currently suffering from lockdown lethargy. A new survey of UK employees found 34% suffering from a lull in …

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Tech News 47

Don’t Want to Risk Your Own Money on Your Business? 13 Alternative Financing Strategies

Getting any business off the ground requires sufficient capital. However, all the financial stress doesn’t have to fall on you as the entrepreneur — there …

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Tech News 48

How and Why To Get BBB Accreditation

Deciding whether to get BBB accredited is an easy choice for some small business owners but others have questions. Is it worth the fee? What …

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Tech News 49

How Agile Project Management Differs From Traditional PM

If you’re a project manager and or a software developer, you may not be as surprised to know that Agile has recently transformed the world …

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Tech News 50

Bootstrap 5

16 Jun 2020 Bootstrap 5’s very first alpha has arrived! We’ve been working hard for several months to refine the work we started in v4, …

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Tech News 51

New Editor X from Wix Improves Web Design Capabilities, a leading website creator, has launched a new innovative website creation platform, Editor X. Editor X is designed to empower web designers, professionals, and …

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Tech News 52

Building Serverless GraphQL API in Node with Express and Netlify

I’ve always wanted to build an API, but was scared away by just how complicated things looked. I’d read a lot of tutorials that start …

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Tech News 53

WordPress Contributors Seek Sponsorship for Improving Gutenberg Developer Docs

WordPress developers Milana Cap and Jonathan Bossenger are starting a fundraiser for improving Gutenberg developer documentation. The conversation began yesterday when Cap tweeted about how …

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Tech News 54

Posters! (for CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid)

Any time I chat with a fellow web person and CSS-Tricks comes up in conversation, there is a good chance they’ll say: oh yeah, that …

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Tech News 55

16 Survey Questions to Ask Customers

There are several reasons why survey questions are important to marketing research. They can: Give your business a good idea about who your target market …

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Tech News 56

Best Apps to Stay Focused

The key to hitting targets and achieving goals every day is to maximize your productivity, but there are so many distractions these days that this …

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Tech News 57

How Effective is Your Customer Communication During the Pandemic?

During this time of unprecedented change, communication with your customers is critical. Most businesses will benefit by interacting  with their customers more not less. In …

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Tech News 35


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