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Auto-Generated Social Media Images
Podcast 117: Cyber Attack on Colonial Pipeline Affects Fuel Availability in 17 States
Creating Stylesheet Feature Flags With Sass !default
HTML Boilerplates
Chapter 5: Setting up WordPress, Hosting and Domain
Tech News 34

Elementor 101 – Video Tutorials

Elementor 101 – Video Tutorials provides a list of getting started videos for Elementor.

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pixallus wordpress hosting

How to Choose WordPress Hosting

Pixallus WordPress Hosting. Simplified. Enjoy blazing fast WordPress website loading speeds and 99.9% uptime. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, or a large organization, we …

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Tech News 35

DevTools for CSS layouts 2021 edition

As someone who loves and works with CSS on an almost daily basis, DevTools are something near and dear to my heart. Recently, I’ve been …

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Tech News 36

2021 Design Systems (Survey/Courses)

My friends at Sparkbox are doing a survey on design systems, as they do each year. Go ahead and fill it out if you please. …

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Tech News 37

WordPress 5.7.2 Security Release: What You Need to Know×536.png On May 13, 2021 01:00 UTC, WordPress core released a security patch for a Critical Object Injection vulnerability in PHPMailer, the component that WordPress …

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Tech News 38

How To Reset the MySQL® Root Password And MySQL User Passwords

MySQL is the primary database software for sites hosted on cPanel-managed servers, including WordPress® and ecommerce applications such as Magento. Because MySQL has to manage …

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Tech News 39

Advanced CSS Animation Using cubic-bezier()

When dealing with complex CSS animations, there is a tendency to create expansive @keyframes with lots of declarations. There are a couple of tricks though …

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Tech News 37

Critical Vulnerability Patched in External Media Plugin×536.png On February 2, 2021, our Threat Intelligence team responsibly disclosed the details of a vulnerability in External Media, a WordPress plugin used by over …

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Tech News 42

Elementor Sites of April 2021

Graffette is a web agency in Reggio Emilia, Italy — specializing in graphic and website design, brand communication strategies, and copywriting for both freelancers and …

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Tech News 43

How to Add Code to the WordPress Header and Footer

The process of adding code to your WordPress theme can be a little confusing. Even if you know where you want to add the code, …

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Tech News 44

Using UTM Parameters with Redirects

In some cases, you may want to use UTM parameters on your website, and redirections involving a UTM parameter may not happen as you expected. …

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Tech News 45

How to Remove a Specific Word From Your Permalinks (URLs)

If you’ve removed the base from your permalink structure, then you must consider redirecting your old URLs to the new URLs so that you can …

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Tech News 46

Random URLs Redirecting Even When No Redirect Was Created

If you see redirects that you’ve not configured yourself, there can be many causes of the problem. Rank Math is not the only plugin that …

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Tech News 47

Why Are Posts Redirecting to www or non-www (Incorrect Version) of My Website?

If your website is redirecting to the www version, when it is supposed to send you to the non-www version or the way around, then …

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Tech News 48

Making Disabled Buttons More Inclusive

Let’s talk about disabled buttons. Specifically, let’s get into why we use them and how we can do better than the traditional disabled attribute in …

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Tech News 49

Types of Redirects – Which Redirect Should You Use?

Every website owner is going to need redirects at some point. Whether that’s because you deleted a page, changed your entire website’s permalink structure, or …

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Tech News 50

How to Set Your WordPress Homepage (3 Really Simple Ways)

Have you ever felt the need to change your homepage design? You know, those times when you browse through a competitor website and wished you …

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Tech News 51

CSS Pie Timer Re-Revisited

Kitty reflected on an ancient blog post here on CSS-Tricks on how to make an animated pie timer. The old technique is still clever. The …

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Tech News 52

I could build this during the weekend

Every time people buy a new house, car, or TV, they say lovely things first. It’s the honeymoon phase. Then, they realize their expensive, fancy …

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Tech News 53

How To Perform a Comprehensive Website QA Test

If you want to make sure your website is fully functioning and error-free, it’s important to perform website QA testing. QA testing doesn’t just help …

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Tech News 54

Next Gen CSS: @container

Chrome is experimenting with @container, a property within the CSS Working Group Containment Level 3 spec being championed by Miriam Suzanne of Oddbird, and a …

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Tech News 55

Distributed Persistent Rendering (DPR)

Like Jamstack, Netlify is coining this term. If your reaction is: great, a new thing I need to know about and learn, know that while …

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Tech News 56

How to Easily Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode (5 Ways)

So, you’ve got a major update to carry out on your WordPress site. Are you the person who throws caution to the wind and carries …

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Tech News 57


This is extremely fun. Jeff Lindsay has created Topframe, and writes: Anybody that knows how to mess around with HTML can now mess around with …

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Tech News 58

Migrating from Parcel to Snowpack

Here’s the YouTube version of Migrating from Parcel to Snowpack if you would rather? A couple of years ago I wrote about moving from Gulp …

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