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Building a Settings Component
CloudFest 2021 In Review
Going “Meta GSAP”: The Quest for “Perfect” Infinite Scrolling
Toolset Blocks 1.5 – Build Custom WooCommerce Product and Shop Pages
Most Powerful WooCommerce Shortcodes to Use in 2021
Tech News 43

Elementor 101 – Video Tutorials

Elementor 101 – Video Tutorials provides a list of getting started videos for Elementor.

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pixallus wordpress hosting

How to Choose WordPress Hosting

Pixallus WordPress Hosting. Simplified. Enjoy blazing fast WordPress website loading speeds and 99.9% uptime. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, or a large organization, we …

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Tech News 44

17 Best Online Courses for Web Design

freeCodeCamp’s main course is geared more towards web developers, but the whole thing starts by covering HTML, basic CSS, and applied web design. After you’re …

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Tech News 45

Cloud study

From: Robin SloanTo: The Media LabSent: March 2021 Cloud study, anonymous, 19th century The website you’re reading is mostly static HTML, just web pages on …

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Tech News 47

Recent Patches Rock the Elementor Ecosystem×536.png Over the last few weeks, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team has responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities in more than 15 of the most popular addon plugins …

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Tech News 48

TikTok And Your Business

Even if you’re not a fan of TikTok’s short video format, you can’t deny that it’s gained immense popularity in 2021. With 689 million monthly …

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Tech News 49

CSS is a Strongly Typed Language

One of the ways you can classify a programming language is by how strongly or weakly typed it is. Here, “typed” means if variables are …

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Tech News 50

WooCommerce Pricing: What Are the Costs of Running an Online Store?

It’s a feature-packed plugin for WordPress that is relatively simple to use. You don’t need to be a developer or even experienced with building a …

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Tech News 51

How to Leverage the Fullscreen API… and Style It

Let’s look at the Fullscreen API in JavaScript. It allows you to do a pretty powerful thing: full screening exactly one particular element you want …

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Tech News 53

Form Design: UX Strategies and Best Practices

When our goal as web creators is to build a user-friendly website form, the question we need to keep asking ourselves is: “How much effort …

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Tech News 54

Chapter 3: Choosing the Best Blogging Platform

If you have read the previous chapters in this series, you will have already come up with a blog name and a niche, so now …

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Tech News 55

How to Easily Use PHP Code on Your Website

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to walk you through how to easily use the PHP code on your website. The Problem with Editing Your …

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Tech News 47

Episode 112: Wix Takes Aim at WordPress With New Ad Campaign×536.png A new Wix ad campaign targets WordPress but ends up being tone deaf in both content and strategy. New details emerge about the PHP …

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Tech News 57

What To Do When Rank Math Analytics Shows Zero Search Traffic

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to walk you through how to fix the search traffic zero in Rank Math Analytics. On some websites, due …

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Tech News 58

Headless Form Submission With the WordPress REST API

If you’re building a WordPress site, you need a good reason not to choose a WordPress form plugin. They are convenient and offer plenty of …

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Tech News 59

PrestaShop vs WooCommerce – Which Is Best for eCommerce in 2021?

Planning on launching an online store? Need help choosing your eCommerce platform? Comparing PrestaShop and WooCommerce and can’t decide which is best? Setting up your …

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Tech News 60

Linked Mail Nodes

As an exciting new way to optimize your hosting environment, we’re happy to introduce Linked Mail Nodes. This blog post will tell you everything you …

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Tech News 47

Vulnerabilities Patched in WP Page Builder×536.png On February 15, 2021, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team began the responsible disclosure process for several vulnerabilities in WP Page Builder, a plugin installed …

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Tech News 62

Should You NoFollow External Links?

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to walk you through whether you should NoFollow External Links or not. What Are NoFollow Links? The nofollow attribute …

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Tech News 63

The `ping` attribute on anchor links

This post is part of my Today I learned series in which I share all my learnings regarding web development. A PR on the MDN …

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Tech News 64

Comparing the New Generation of Build Tools

A bunch of new developer tools have landed in the past year and they are biting at the heels of the tools that have dominated …

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Tech News 65

CSS Is, In Fact, Awesome

I recently listened to a talk by Hidde de Vries titled “On the origin of cascades”. It was an intriguing talk full of interesting historical …

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Tech News 47

SvelteKit is in public beta

And we’d love to have your feedback Rich Harris Tue Mar 23 2021 Previously: What’s the deal with SvelteKit? It’s time. After five months and …

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Tech News 67

Ten Password Mistakes That Could Get Your WordPress Site Hacked×536.png A few months ago on Wordfence Live, we reviewed some of the worst website hacks we’ve ever seen. Every one of them started with …

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