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Using SVG in WordPress (2 Helpful Plugin Recommendations)
Context-Aware Web Components Are Easier Than You Think
A Complete Beginner’s Guide to npm
What the Heck Does “npm” Mean?
What the Heck is the Command Line?
Tech News 66

Elementor 101 – Video Tutorials

Elementor 101 – Video Tutorials provides a list of getting started videos for Elementor.

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Tech News 68

What the Heck is a Package Manager?

If you’re keeping score, so far in this npm guide we’ve developed a general understanding of what npm is—notably, that it stands for Node Package …

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Tech News 69

How the Heck Do You Install npm?

Feel like you have a pretty good idea of what a package manager is? We’ve certainly covered a lot of ground getting familiar with all …

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Tech News 70

How the Heck Do You Install npm Packages?

By now, you’re becoming quite knowledgeable with npm! So far, we’ve broken down the three letters in “npm” to gain a better understand of Node …

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Tech News 71

What the Heck Are npm Commands?

npm is, as you now know, a package manager. But like similar, earlier tools that run tasks in the command line, such as Grunt and …

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Tech News 73

A Serene CSS Dappled Light Effect

There’s a serene warmth to the early evening sunlight peaking through rustling leaves. Artists use dappled light to create a soft, hypnotic effect. Bedford Dwellings …

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Tech News 74

How to Change Fonts in WordPress (Quick and Easy Steps)

Want to change the font in your WordPress website? Wondering how to change fonts and customize the entire look of your WordPress site? Want to …

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Tech News 75

Unauthenticated XSS Vulnerability Patched in HTML Email Template Designer Plugin

On December 23, 2021 the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team initiated the responsible disclosure process for a vulnerability we discovered in “WordPress Email Template Designer – …

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Tech News 76

What should someone learn about CSS if they last boned up during CSS3?

“CSS3” was a massive success for CSS. A whole bunch of stuff dropped essentially at once that was all very terrific to get our hands …

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Tech News 77

4 Quality Options for a Table of Contents Block in WordPress

Offering a table of contents block in WordPress for blog posts (or really any other type of long-ish written content) is a good idea for …

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Tech News 78

Making a Site Work Offline Using the VitePWA Plugin

The VitePWA plugin from Anthony Fu is a fantastic tool for your Vite-powered sites. It helps you add a service worker that handles: offline support …

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Tech News 79

What Were the Hottest Front-End Tools in 2021?

Another year has passed and once again I’ve had the privilege of going through the Web Tools Weekly newsletter archives from the past 12 months …

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Tech News 80

Using the CSS Me Not Bookmarklet to See (and Disable) CSS Files

Stoyan is absolutely correct. As much as we all love CSS, it’s still an important player in how websites load and using less of it …

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Tech News 81

How to Build Your First Custom Svelte Transition

The Svelte transition API provides a first-class way to animate your components when they enter or leave the document, including custom Svelte transitions. By default, …

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Tech News 82

8 Helpful Accessibility Links for January 2022

Every now and then, I find that I’ve accumulated a bunch of links about various things I find interesting. Accessibility is one of those things! …

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Tech News 83

A Practical Tip For Using Sass Default Parameters

Sass offers functions and mixins that accept parameters. You can use Sass default parameters, that is, parameters that have a value even if you don’t …

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Tech News 75

84,000 WordPress Sites Affected by Three Plugins With The Same Vulnerability

On November 5, 2021 the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team initiated the responsible disclosure process for a vulnerability we discovered in “Login/Signup Popup”, a WordPress plugin …

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Tech News 85

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Without a Plugin in 2022

Millions of people use Google Analytics on their WordPress websites. Typically, they use one of many available google analytics plugins, like MonsterInsights or GA Google …

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Tech News 86

Parcel CSS: A New CSS Parser, Transformer, and Minifier

Hot off the presses from Devon Govett, creator of Parcel, is Parcel CSS: A CSS parser, transformer, and minifier written in Rust. Nice. The CSS …

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Tech News 87

Open Source & Sustainability

It’s a god-damned miracle to me that open source is as robust as it is in tech. Consider the options. You could have a job …

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Tech News 88

How to Make a Pure CSS 3D Package Toggle

You know how you can get cardboard boxes that come totally flat? You fold ‘em up and tape ‘em to make them into a useful …

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Tech News 90

What Would it Take to Prevent CSS Tooltips From Overflowing?

Say you have an elements with CSS tooltips and you’re going to position those tooltips such that it opens up next to the element on …

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