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Tech News 24

7 Ways You Can Humanize Your Brand and Win Big

People are innately social beings. We crave connection and interaction – specifically with other humans. Ten times out of ten, a customer is going to …

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Tech News 25

30% Reverse a Negative Reviews When Companies Respond

30% of consumers admit to reversing negative reviews once their concern has been responded to. Despite consumer demand to have online reviews answered by businesses, …

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Tech News 26

Google My Business Allowing Service Businesses to Book Appointments Online

Google My Business will begin allowing service businesses to book appointments soon. This includes allowing Google My Business merchants to add “online appointments,” “online classes,” …

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Tech News 27

DigiMarCon Helps Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts

The DigiMarCon America 2020 Digital Marketing Conference is going to take place online; Live and On Demand. As more small businesses increase their digital presence, …

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Tech News 28

Tips for Making the Most of a Tight Budget for Your Small Business

Small businesses don’t often have a ton of extra cash lying around. If you’re looking to get a new business off the ground or market …

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Tech News 29

Increment Issue 13: Frontend

Increment is a beautiful quarterly magazine (print and web) published by Stripe “about how teams build and operate software systems at scale”. While there is …

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Tech News 30

Global CSS options with custom properties

I’ve been toying around with some ideas for how to use custom properties (aka CSS variables) for global settings in a project. The idea is …

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Tech News 31

Dave Isbitski of Amazon: Voice Tech Knows No Generational Bounds

In 2016 I did my first presentation on Amazon Alexa and Echo, and at the time there were about 700 skills available.  Today there are …

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Tech News 32

Building Your First Serverless Service With AWS Lambda Functions

Many developers are at least marginally familiar with AWS Lambda functions. They’re reasonably straightforward to set up, but the vast AWS landscape can make it …

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Tech News 30

Jamstack News!

[embedded content] This post was originally posted here Check out our Starter Sites built with #ToolWeLove including Toolset, Elementor Pro, and Astra Pro.  

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Tech News 34

In the News – American Consumers Ready to Support Local Small Businesses More

Small businesses across America are beginning to reopen and re-emerge from their imposed shutdown orders. It’s been a long and very difficult road for many. …

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Tech News 35

Your Business Credit Score, Explained

Most people know they have personal credit scores. But not all entrepreneurs are aware that they may have a separate business credit score as well. …

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Top 14 Best Elementor Themes of 2020

Elementor is undoubtedly one of the best page builders out there. It offers a vast ecosystem and enables you to customize your site to your …

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Tech News 36

Double-Check Your Deliveries Before They Leave the Warehouse (CARTOON)

Small Business Trends Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with …

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4 Proven Ways to Recover Abandoned Carts and Maximize Your eCommerce Profits

Imagine coming across a really great product online. You have this overwhelming desire to buy it. You enthusiastically add the product to your cart, go …

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Render Blocking CSS — What Is It? And How to Fix It?

If you go and measure your website performance through online tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, you might run into a little problem known as Render …

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Render Blocking JavaScript — What Is It? And How to Fix It?

Owning a website means keeping it in tip-top shape and making sure it’s as pleasing to your visitors, customers, and even those crawlers that Google …

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Tech News 37

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is what Google is calling a a new collection of three web performance metrics: LCP: Largest Contentful Paint FID: First Input Delay …

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Tech News 38

A First Look at `aspect-ratio`

Oh hey! A brand new property that affects how a box is sized! That’s a big deal. There are lots of ways already to make …

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Tech News 39

10 Key Factors in Determining Whether an Employee Should Get a Raise

It takes a lot of self-confidence for an employee to approach their employer for a raise — and a lot of decision-making confidence as an …

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Tech News 30

Anatomy of a Support Ticket

We’ve all had to ask for help at some point, usually when we are ready to have a moment like the crew in the movie …

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Tech News 41

Workiz Releases Scheduling Chatbot for Service Businesses

Workiz just released a new chatbot to help service-based small businesses with field service management to book appointments and more. Small Business Trends contacted Aviv …

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Tech News 42

What is a DUNS Number Used For?

If you ever plan on seeking small business financing, entering into partnerships, or simply establishing your company financially, a DUNS number can help you make …

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Tech News 43

Paychex Launches New Payroll Tool to Pay Employees Immediately

Paychex recently launched its first real time payments solution for the HR industry. Paychex Real Time Payments Leveraging The Clearing House RTP network, Paychex real-time …

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