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Tech News 42

How to Create a Photography Website: Showcase Your Talent in 5 Steps

As a photographer, you need a highly functional photography website that empowers you to showcase your art in an appealing way.  But if you already …

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Tech News 43

Using requestAnimationFrame with React Hooks

Animating with requestAnimationFrame should be easy, but if you haven’t read React’s documentation thoroughly then you will probably run into a few things that might …

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Tech News 44

Other Ways to SPAs

That rhymed lolz. I mentioned on a podcast the other day that I sorta think WordPress should ship with Turbolinks. It’s a rather simple premise: …

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Tech News 45

Let’s Build a JAMstack E-Commerce Store with Netlify Functions

A lot of people are confused about what JAMstack is. The acronym stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup, but truly, JAMstack doesn’t have to include …

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Tech News 46

Lazy load embedded YouTube videos

I was working on this simple static website that should have an YouTube video displayed right on the landing page. So I went my merry …

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Tech News 47

Using rel=”preconnect” to establish network connections early and increase performance

Milica Mihajlija: Adding rel=preconnect to a <link> informs the browser that your page intends to establish a connection to another domain, and that you’d like …

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Tech News 48

Bounce Element Around Viewport in CSS

Let’s say you were gonna bounce an element all around a screen, sorta like an old school screensaver or Pong or something. You’d probably be …

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Tech News 49

Can you view print stylesheets applied directly in the browser?

Yep. Let’s take a look at how to do it in different browsers. Although note the date of this blog post. This stuff tends to …

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Tech News 50

Draggin’ and Droppin’ in React

The React ecosystem offers us a lot of libraries that all are focused on the interaction of drag and drop. We have react-dnd, react-beautiful-dnd, react-drag-n-drop …

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Tech News 51

Accessibility and web performance are not features, they’re the baseline

This week I’ve been brooding about web performance and accessibility. It all began when Ethan Marcotte made a lot of great notes about the accessibility …

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Tech News 52

Weekly Platform News: HTML Loading Attribute, the Main ARIA Specifications, and Moving from iFrame to Shadow DOM

In this week’s roundup of platform news, Chrome introduces a new attribute for loading, accessibility specifications for web developers, and the BBC moves visualizations to …

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Tech News 53

Upcoming Changes to Let’s Encrypt Plugin

Earlier this year, Let’s Encrypt announced the end of life (EOL) plan for their original API. Starting this November, they will no longer allow new …

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Tech News 54

The Making of an Animated Favicon

It’s the first thing your eyes look for when you’re switching tabs. That’s one way of explaining what a favicon is. The tab area is …

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Tech News 55

Front Conference in Zürich

  This *post* was originally published on **this site**

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Tech News 56

Staggered CSS Transitions

Let’s say you wanted to move an element on :hover for a fun visual effect. @media (hover: hover) { .list–item { transition: 0.1s; transform: translateY(10px); …

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Tech News 57

Contextual Utility Classes for Color with Custom Properties

In CSS, we have the ability to access currentColor which is tremendously useful. Sadly, we do not have access to anything like currentBackgroundColor, and the …

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Tech News 58

The Differing Perspectives on CSS-in-JS

Some people outright hate the idea of CSS-in-JS. Just that name is offensive. Hard no. Styling doesn’t belong in JavaScript, it belongs in CSS, a …

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Tech News 59

Need help asking your boss to attend WebPros Summit?

The upcoming WebPros Summit 2019 is almost upon us! In talking with different members of the community, a common theme pops up from those who …

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Tech News 55

All the New ES2019 Tips and Tricks

The ECMAScript standard has been updated yet again with the addition of new features in ES2019. Now officially available in node, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari …

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Tech News 61

Joomla 3.9.11 Release

Joomla 3.9.11 is now available. This is a security fix release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses one security vulnerability and contains over …

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Tech News 62

Site Monetization with Coil (and Removing Ads for Supporters)

I’ve tried a handful of websites based on “tip with micropayments” in the past. They come and go. That’s fine. From a publisher perspective, it’s …

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Tech News 63

In Search of a Stack That Monitors the Quality and Complexity of CSS

Many developers write about how to maintain a CSS codebase, yet not a lot of them write about how they measure the quality of that …

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Tech News 55

Moving Text on a Curved Path

There was a fun article in The New York Times the other day describing the fancy way Elizabeth Warren and her staff let people take …

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Tech News 65

Building a Full-Stack Serverless Application with Cloudflare Workers

One of my favorite developments in software development has been the advent of serverless. As a developer who has a tendency to get bogged down …

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