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Safari 15: New UI, Theme Colors, and… a CSS-Tricks Cameo!
The Possibilities of Syndication
Malicious Attack Campaign Targeting Jetpack Users Reusing Passwords
Adding Shadows to SVG Icons With CSS and SVG Filters
4 Simple Ways to Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Post Error
Tech News 55

Elementor 101 – Video Tutorials

Elementor 101 – Video Tutorials provides a list of getting started videos for Elementor.

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pixallus wordpress hosting

How to Choose WordPress Hosting

Pixallus WordPress Hosting. Simplified. Enjoy blazing fast WordPress website loading speeds and 99.9% uptime. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, or a large organization, we …

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Tech News 56

Put a Background on Open Details Elements

One thing that can be just a smidge funky about the <details> element is that, when open, it’s not always 100% clear what is inside …

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Tech News 57

Wordfence is now a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA)×536.png Today, we are excited to announce that Wordfence is authorized by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) Program as a CNA, or CVE Numbering …

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Tech News 58

Equal Columns With Flexbox: It’s More Complicated Than You Might Think

You get a nice-looking design handed to you and it has this nice big hero section, followed by one of those three-up columns right beneath …

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Tech News 60

Join the First #webcreators2021 Event, Exploring the Future of Web Creation

Want to ask Seth Godin a question about best marketing practices? Or Gary Vaynerchuk a question about winning social media? Now’s your chance at #webcreators …

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Tech News 61

Conversion AI Review – Can Software Write Better Than You?

Are we finally seeing the rise of the machines? Creativity is one of the things that makes humans stand out from the rest of the …

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Tech News 62

Secure Your cPanel Server With SSH Keys And Public Key Cryptography

cPanel & WHM is a complete server management solution, but you may occasionally need to log in to your server’s shell to run scripts or …

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Tech News 63

A Cornucopia of Container Queries

I don’t know about y’all, but my feeds have been flooded with articles about CSS Container Queries these past few weeks. The buzz about container …

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Tech News 64


Does that make your eye twitch a little bit? Like… it’s a typo. It should be target=”_blank” with an underscore to start the value. As …

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Tech News 65

How to Create WooCommerce Bogo Deals (+Powerful Tips for Driving More Sales)

Are you looking for the best ways to drive more sales land new customers? You’ve probably already heard about ‘Buy One Get One’ deals and …

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Tech News 66

Looking at WCAG 2.5.5 for Better Target Sizes

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to tap a button on a mobile device only to have it do nothing because the target …

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Tech News 67

CSS-Trickz: An Experiment with Netlify’s On-Demand Builders

At the behest of Dave Rupert in the Shop Talk Show D-D-D-Discord, I’m going to talk about my adventures in making an efficient and poorly …

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Tech News 68

How to Update SEO Score When N/A is Showing

In this knowledgebase article, we’ll show you how you can update the SEO score of your posts when it is showing N/A. Why Do Posts …

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Tech News 69

Engage Your Website Visitors With the New Video Playlist & Hotspots Widgets

Sometimes, the features on your website can make total sense to you but can be pretty complicated to explain without the use of additional content. …

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Tech News 70

How to Connect Google Analytics With WooCommerce in 2021: The Easy and Fast Way

Google Analytics is one of the single best ways to learn more about the visitors to your website. The completely free service makes it easy …

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Tech News 71

June Update: Bigger free teams and lots of improvements

Free plan now available up to 10 team members Ora free plan has very few limitations and the members size was the biggest one. Today …

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Tech News 72

Links on Accessibility

Show/Hide password accessibility and password hints tutorial — Nicolas Steenhout goes deep on <input type=”password”> accessibility. For one thing, being able to toggle it to …

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Tech News 73

VS Code Extensions for HTML

Let’s look at some extensions for VS Code that make writing and editing HTML (and languages that are basically HTML with extra powers) better. You …

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Tech News 74

Astra 3.5 – Faster Loading, New Controls, and Improved Accessibility

In our continuing quest to make your websites faster, we are here with a new update – Astra 3.5! This is the next step in …

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Tech News 75

The Complete Guide to A/B Testing in WordPress

Once you exit the visual editor, you should be back in the Google Optimize interface. You can scroll down in this area to configure other …

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Tech News 76

9 of the Best Popular Posts Plugins for WordPress

Content is king. We all know that. But, what happens if your content is hidden deep inside your website and your visitors don’t see it? …

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Tech News 77

How to View the Unminified Version of Rank Math Schema

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to walk you through how to view the unminified version of the Schema Markup that Rank Math generates. What …

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Tech News 78

Elementor Birthday Showcase: Top 5 Gifts Websites

Imagine waking up to a surprise gift box sent to you by your bestie, which includes an array of items like perfume, a funky mug, …

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Tech News 79

How to Create & Edit Redirects Using CSV

Rank Math allows you to import redirections in multiple ways, but using CSV files for importing redirections can be helpful when you need to create/edit/delete …

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