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Tech News 20

Important Tips for Business Email Etiquette

A recent Perkbox Insights survey reveals 73% of businesses say email is their preferred method of communication in the workplace. However, the survey also says …

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Tech News 21

What’s New in Civic Tech: Cities, States Ramp Up Census Work

With 2020 now underway, city and state governments are ramping up efforts to support the forthcoming U.S. Census, which will determine the allocation of billions …

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Tech News 22

January Update: Global Search, Public API & Dark Mode 2.0

We start the year strongly with Global Search, Public API and Dark Mode 2.0, finally we fixed the dark mode in Ora and added full app coverage, but first a joke:

Why do programmers prefer dark mode?
Cause light attracts bugs.

Dark Mode 2.0 🌙
What an amazing year it has been for Dark Mode all around the web and desktops. Our first attempt at a dark mode in the begging of the year did not cover the entire app, had poor contrast and was a bit disappointing. This sounds like a bad thing but actually motivated us to try harder and give our best. Checkout the Dark Mode 2.0, one of the best dark modes you will ever find in a task management/producticity app!

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Entire app is supported: Timeline, Agenda, Reports, Settings
All app UIs supported: Popups, modals, etc…
Improved contrast, tested during both day and night (Rust)
3 Dark themes to choose from

Global Search 🔮
Introducing Quick Search: A very fast way to find projects, tasks, files, comments and checklists in Ora. Just use the hotkeys to open it and find whatever you want inside your Ora projects.

Use F, /, ⌘ + shift + F, ctrl + F to open Quick Search

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Find projects, tasks, subtasks, checklists, documents, comments in Ora fast!
Saved searches
Improved contrast, tested during both day and night (Rust)
Grouped by type + the ability to load more

Your browser does not support the video tag.
Public API 😱

We are opening a huge part of our API to the public.

1. Make an OAuth app
– Go to your organization preferences > applications
– Create an OAuth app

2. Go to
You will find a list of all currently supported calls as well as what response you will receive for each one. If you are unfamiliar with swagger you are able to add your api key and secret and test all calls.
Link to help article

3. Join us on spectrum
Join us on for API help, suggestions or just to share what you are working on.

The future of the Ora Developers Program
At the moment what we have is a REST API with OAuth2 End-user authorization protocol. This is the beginning and an important milestone. We are looking forward to adding webhooks, as well as some way to show your apps in the Ora interface and to enable them as Add-Ons in Ora projects.

Other improvements
Project top bar and multiple select bar improvements
Reorder milestones + additional milestone stats
Lots of bug fixes

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Tech News 23

How We Tagged Google Fonts and Created

GooFonts is a side project signed by a developer-wife and a designer-husband, both of them big fans of typography. We’ve been tagging Google Fonts and built a website …

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Tech News 24

A Web Component with Different HTML for Desktop and Mobile

Christian Schaefer has a great big write-up about dealing with web advertisements. The whole thing is interesting, first documenting all the challenges that ads present, …

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Tech News 25

L.A. County Takes a Shot at Correcting IT’s Gender Imbalance

Officials in Los Angeles County are making a substantial push to train and recruit more women into the gov tech workforce with the help of …

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Tech News 26

Startup Coord Seeking Governments for Digital Curb Challenge

Coord, a New York-based mobility data company, is taking applications for a new, free pilot program to help public agencies address specific curbside management issues. …

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Tech News 27

NYC Lab Calls on Startups to Help Reach Sustainability Goals

A group in New York City has challenged startups to make buildings there more energy efficient while also reducing waste. This group is New Lab, which …

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Tech News 28

CES 2020: Smart City Solutions to Aging Infrastructure

Vendors at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show tackled an oft-discussed goal for municipal leaders: how communities can leverage smart city solutions to transform aging infrastructure.  …

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Tech News 29

Retro Designs, Astrology and Big Florals 2020 Design Trends from Shutterstock

In the words of Stephen King, “Sooner or later, everything old is new again,” even in the digital age. According to Shutterstock’s ninth annual Creative …

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Tech News 30

The Deal with the Section Element

Two articles published the exact same day: Bruce Lawson on Smashing Magazine: Why You Should Choose HTML5 <article> Over <section> Adam Laki on Pine: The …

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Tech News 31

Debunking the Myth: Accessibility and React

JavaScript frameworks are becoming the norm for creating powerful, fast, and adaptive web sites. One of the most popular frameworks is React. React has risen …

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Tech News 32

Spotlight: Corwin Drywall Contracting Helped Renovate Founder’s Career After Layoff

Some businesses are born out of a lifelong dream of entrepreneurship. Others come about due to a more urgent need. Corwin Drywall Contracting is an …

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Tech News 33

15 Non-Intrusive Ways Employees Can Help With Branding

People who work daily with the company’s services and products have insights that can’t be found anywhere else. However, if a business owner were to …

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Tech News 34

Texas School District Loses $2.3 Million in Phishing Incident

A small school district in Texas has suffered a very costly cyberincident.  Using an “email scam,” hackers were able to steal $2.3 million from the …

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Tech News 35

40% of Business Owners Have at Least 1 Unfilled Job

Some 40% of businesses will see at least one unfilled job in 2020 according to a study by SCORE. This is in stark contrast to …

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Tech News 36

How many CSS properties are there?

Tomasz Łakomy posted a joke tweet about naming all the CSS attributes and Tejas Kumar replied with a joke answer, going as far as making …

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Tech News 37

Business Dad

How do you balance it all? In a new podcast from Initialized Capital, Alexis Ohanian (cofounder of Initialized + Reddit) opens this question up to …

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Tech News 38

How to Design Better Policies for Mobile Workers (Contributed)

State and local governments have an enormous responsibility to be good stewards of our tax dollars. Naturally, the big question for many government agencies becomes …

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Scheduled Maintenance on January 20th, 2020

This post was originally posted here Check out our Starter Sites built with #ToolWeLove including Toolset, Elementor Pro, and Astra Pro.    

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Tech News 39

Springbrook Acquires Small Government-Focused BIAS Software

Immediately upon becoming an independent company for the first time in five years, Springbrook Software’s first act is to acquire a smaller tech firm. BIAS …

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Tech News 40

Vermont Promotes Scott Carbee from Interim to Permanent CISO

Vermont has a new permanent chief information security officer in Scott Carbee, who has served as the state’s interim CISO twice over a span of …

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Tech News 41

94% of Businesses Investing in Competitive Intelligence, How About You?

Do you have a comprehensive view of your ecosystem? Meaning, do you know your market, customers, competitors, suppliers, trends and more? One way you can …

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A Trick That Makes Drawing SVG Lines Way Easier

When drawing lines with SVG, you often have a <path> element with a stroke. You set a stroke-dasharray that is as long as the path …

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