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Tech News 29

Universal Postal Union Compromise “A Huge Win” for US Small Business

If you face competition from companies importing Chinese products at unfairly low rates, there is good news for you. A recent compromise at the Universal …

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Tech News 30

Introducing Sass Modules

Sass just launched a major new feature you might recognize from other languages: a module system. This is a big step forward for @import. one …

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Tech News 31

70% of Business Contact Centers Move to the Cloud

A report by NICE inContact says 70% of businesses have their entire contact center technology in the cloud or are planning to partially move next …

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Tech News 32

The Key to Productivity is Becoming “Indistractable”

It seems that with technology today, distraction becomes addictive. So much so that when we don’t have an immediate distraction, we go looking for one! …

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Tech News 33

Spending Too Much Time on Your Facebook Messenger Marketing? Try These 10 Tactics

Facebook Messenger marketing is the hottest opportunity in digital marketing today. And get this. 1.4 billion people actively use Facebook Messenger, but less than 1% …

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Tech News 34

Yahoo Small Business Introduces Website Design Service

Yahoo Small Business has unveiled its Website Design Service catering to small businesses. The service provides the design, build, and management of professional websites for small business …

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Tech News 35

Wow! U.S. Freelancer Earnings Approach $1 Trillion

With the lure of being independent, flexible working times, freedom to choose projects and a chance to experiment with their craft, more Americans are freelancing. …

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Tech News 36

Meditation App Helps Small Business Owners in the Legal Profession

Attorneys have complex legal documents to prepare, lawsuits to win, not to mention a small business to run. So no one should find it surprising …

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Tech News 37

Funders Forum Will Teach U.S. Small Businesses about Financials

Small businesses in the finance industry are represented by advisers, insurance agents, planners, accountants and more. The first conference organized for the small business finance …

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Tech News 38

10 Expert Tips to Help You Learn and Grow as a Business Owner

Running a small business requires entrepreneurs to learn constantly. You need to learn about your customers, learn new content strategies and even learn how to …

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Tech News 39

54% of Online Shoppers Get Subscription Boxes, Can Your Business Sell Them, Too?

The demand for subscription boxes is on the rise. For example, 54% of online shoppers subscribe to a subscription box service. Subscription Box Statistics The …

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Tech News 40

In the News: Finance Issues Take Center Stage for Small Businesses

This week the issue of finance, which is a constant challenge for small businesses was front and center. First small business owners said they are …

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Tech News 41

Breakout Buttons

Andy covers a technique where a semantic <button> is used within a card component, but really, the whole card is clickable. The trick is to …

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Tech News 42

Sales Figures That Give You Motion Sickness

Comment ▼ This post was originally posted here Check out our Starter Sites built with #ToolWeLove including Toolset, Elementor Pro, and Astra Pro.  

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Tech News 43

Using GitHub Template Repos to Jump-Start Static Site Projects

If you’re getting started with static site generators, did you know you can use GitHub template repositories to quickly start new projects and reduce your …

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Tech News 44

Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future of Mobile Web

Think about when you install a native application: Lots of the content and supporting files get downloaded and installed locally, enabling the thing to launch …

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Tech News 45

Low-Code Development Tools Offer New Options for Small Businesses

As small businesses continue to look towards addressing growing customer needs, more small businesses are developing their own applications in-house. Whether mapping customer success stories, …

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Tech News 46

Recovering from a Cyber Attack? Here’s What to Do Next

They say prevention is better than cure. And it’s true. But no matter how careful a small business is, it will never be able to …

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Tech News 47

Weekly Platform News: Tracking via Web Storage, First Input Delay, Navigating by Headings

In this week’s roundup, Safari takes on cross-site tracking, the delay between load and user interaction is greater on mobile, and a new survey says …

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Tech News 48

Podcast Episode 49: Building Business Through Community with Lindsey Miller At WordCamp Minneapolis, our Lead Customer Service Engineer Tim Cantrell chats with Lindsey Miller about her work as Partner Marketing Manager at LiquidWeb. Tim …

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Tech News 49

5 Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Do you sometimes feel like an imposter in your business life? Like you are acting as if you are authentic and confident but not necessarily …

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Tech News 50

Awards That Look Beyond the Flashy

When I was first learning design, the Communication Arts annuals were often my go-to resource for best-in-class inspiration. I’m thrilled to be on the jury …

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Tech News 51

Can You Use a Business Bank Account for Personal Use?

A reader asks: Recently I was hired as a bookkeeper for a small manufacturing business. My boss, the owner, uses the business bank account for …

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Tech News 52

Adaptive Photo Layout with Flexbox

Let’s take a look at a super lightweight way to create a horizontal masonry effect for a set of arbitrarily-sized photos. Throw any set of …

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