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Tech News 33

Simple & Boring

Simplicity is a funny adjective in web design and development. I’m sure it’s a quoted goal for just about every project ever done. Nobody walks …

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Tech News 34

Because Open Source Matters … and Domains too!

It’s an exciting day for The Joomla Project and BRANDIT! As the consolidation and packaging of web services move forward, we are happy to announce …

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Tech News 35

Life After Google: How Co-Ops and Dark Lines Could Be Fiber’s Future

Google Fiber stopped all services in Louisville, Ky., and left town last month. Meanwhile, the Internet company’s efforts to bring its high-speed Internet service to …

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Tech News 36

FirstNet App Catalog Vets Mobile Tools for First Responders

In the wake of terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, one key takeaway identified by the 9/11 Commission was that the U.S. needed a designated, …

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Tech News 37

New Tech Pilots Aim to Add Safety and Speed to Fire Trucks

(TNS) — The city of Quincy, Mass.’s fire department is testing out a new device that could help drivers using navigational apps steer clear of …

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Tech News 38

Podcasts on The Great Divide

Nick Nisi, Suz Hinton, and Kevin Ball talk about The Great Divide in JS Party #61, then I get to join Suz and Jerod again …

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Tech News 39

Sales Popups #3: How to Create a Shopping Cart Popup in WordPress

In the last segment of our pop-up tutorial series, learn more sales-related tips on How to Create a Shopping Cart Popup in WordPress. The post …

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Tech News 40

Where Next for Smart Cities?

The global buzz surrounding smart cities has been growing steadily louder over the past few years. Here are a few intriguing quotes on the subject …

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Tech News 41

12 Dead Simple Steps To Complete Your First SEO Audit for Free with Rank Math

If you want to sustain constant website growth, it’s important that you regularly evaluate and ensure that your website is optimized to do so. The …

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Tech News 43

Federal Grants, Vendors to Break — at Long Last — from DUNS

The U.S. General Services Administration has picked Ernst & Young to come up with a new method of identifying contractors and grant recipients — including …

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Tech News 44

How to set up a cornerstone content strategy with Yoast SEO

On your site, you’ll probably have a few articles that are most dear to your heart. Articles you desperately want people to read. Articles you …

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Tech News 38

Advanced Tooling for Web Components

Over the course of the last four articles in this five-part series, we’ve taken a broad look at the technologies that make up the Web …

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Tech News 46

SVG Circle Decomposition To Paths

SVG Circle Decomposition To Paths Bryan Rasmussen2019-03-22 This article starts with a confession: I like to hand-code SVG. It’s not always the case but often …

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Tech News 47

Startup Ownum’s First Product Is Blockchain Vehicle Titles

Cleveland-based blockchain company Ownum launched its first product Friday and announced three in the works, each with the stated purpose of eliminating a specific paper-based …

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Tech News 48

Funding Alone May Not Save Minnesota’s Troubled Licensing System

Minnesota’s costly and controversial Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS) was recently approved for an additional $13 million in funding — the bulk of which will go …

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Tech News 49

Could an Energy Park Secure the U.S.-Mexico Border?

Fence. Wall. Barrier. “Whatever you want to call it.”  President Donald Trump’s fight for border security began on the campaign trail in 2015 — and …

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Tech News 50

Using <details> for Menus and Dialogs is an Interesting Idea

One of the most empowering things you can learn as a new front-end developer who is starting to learn JavaScript is to change classes. If …

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Tech News 38

Technical Debt is Like Tetris

Here’s a wonderful post by Eric Higgins all about refactoring and technical debt. He compares giant refactoring projects to being similar to Tetris: Similar to …

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Tech News 52

Smart Cities Readiness Challenge Narrowed to 10 Finalists

Digital services. Collaboration around climate action plans. Intelligent approaches to transportation and transit. These are some of the challenges a number of municipalities are taking …

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Tech News 53

The cPanel Mail Server – cPanel Eats Its Own Dog Food

“Eating your own dog food” is a popular practice amongst companies where the employees are encouraged, and often do, use their own product in real …

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Tech News 54

New York City’s Privacy Protocols and Why They Matter (Contributed)

City government has a responsibility to safeguard the personal information of employees, officials and members of the public that is collected and maintained by its …

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Tech News 55

It’s pretty cool how Netlify CMS works with any flat file site generator

Little confession here: when I first saw Netlify CMS at a glance, I thought: cool, maybe I’ll try that someday when I’m exploring CMSs for …

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Encapsulating Style and Structure with Shadow DOM

This is part four of a five-part series discussing the Web Components specifications. In part one, we took a 10,000-foot view of the specifications and …

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