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Tech News 24

CDT Announces $10.5M Data Center Contract with Los Angeles

The California Department of Technology, which on Monday announced a $10.5 million contract with the city of Los Angeles for data center services, will absorb …

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Tech News 25

What’s New in Civic Tech: Federal Government Launches

The federal government has launched a new website dedicated to artificial intelligence. Dubbed Artificial Intelligence for the American People, the site is essentially an informational …

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Tech News 26

Bloom Assembles Digital Government Alumni for Consulting

As possibilities and expectations for digital services continue to grow, all state and local governments will rely on new kinds of business and tech savvy. …

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Tech News 27

Elementor Talks #26: How To Steer Your Business in the Right Direction

Charles Oh is the co-founder of SproutedWeb, which provides 24/7 WordPress Support. In our podcast, he tells us how bartending changed his perspective on life …

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Tech News 28

Oklahoma IT Agency Needs $16M to Pay Its Bills

(TNS) — The state agency that provides information technology services for other agencies told lawmakers it needs $16 million to pay its bills. Officials with …

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Tech News 29

Blurred Borders in CSS

Say we want to target an element and just visually blur the border of it. There is no simple, single built-in web platform feature we …

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Tech News 30

Judges, Private Sector Spread Online Dispute Resolution in Courts

Across the country, a system called online dispute resolution (ODR) is taking hold within municipal and county court systems. ODR is helping individuals resolve legal …

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Tech News 31

Some Notes About Accessibility

Earlier this month Eric Bailey wrote about the current state of accessibility on the web and why it felt like fighting an uphill battle: As …

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Tech News 32

Get Ready for Customer Experience Technology (Contributed)

Advanced customer experience (CX) technologies are proliferating in the private sector, connecting customers with companies via a number of channels — phone, email, live chat, …

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Tech News 27

10 Best Resources for Elementor Templates

Elementor gives you the power to create designs from scratch, but sometimes you might want to save time by using a premade template. Here are …

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Tech News 34

Creating a Custom Element from Scratch

In the last article, we got our hands dirty with Web Components by creating an HTML template that is in the document but not rendered …

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Tech News 35

Texas Awards $28M Contract for New Medicaid System

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has picked a vendor to set up a new system for medical providers to enroll in its Medicaid …

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Tech News 36

Taser Co-Founder Joins Company Pitching Body-Binder to Cops

When Batman nabs criminals without killing or maiming them, one of his go-to gadgets is a projectile cable that wraps around a fleeing suspect’s legs. …

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Tech News 37

Chrome Lite Pages

The Chrome team announced a new feature called Lite Pages that can be activated by flipping on the Data Saver option on an Android device: …

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Tech News 38

San Antonio Makes Interim Innovation Chief Permanent

San Antonio has appointed Brian Dillard as its chief innovation officer, moving him from interim to permanent within that role. The city announced Dillard’s appointment …

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Tech News 39

Using Local with Flywheel

Have you seen Local by Flywheel? It’s a native app for helping set up local WordPress developer environments. I absolutely love it and use it …

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Tech News 40

Announcing ImunifyAV on all cPanel & WHM Servers!

In 2018, cPanel, with their longterm partner CloudLinux, began offering Imunify360 as a featured security product. With cPanel & WHM Version s82 or 84, we …

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Tech News 41

Stacked “Borders”

A little while back, I was in the process of adding focus styles to An Event Apart’s web site. Part of that was applying different …

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Tech News 34

Crafting Reusable HTML Templates

In our last article, we discussed the Web Components specifications (custom elements, shadow DOM, and HTML templates) at a high-level. In this article, and the …

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Tech News 43

Seven New Cities Join Mastercard City Possible Network

Mastercard’s City Possible network of local governments working together on innovation projects has expanded from 16 to 23, adding new members from three continents. The …

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Tech News 44

L.A. County Public Defender’s Office Appoints First CIO

Mohammed Al Rawi, the award-winning chief information officer for the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation District, is moving to a new role. Al Rawi …

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Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency Wallets   A cryptocurrency wallet is a piece of software or hardware which gives the ability to exchange the cryptocurrencies and store them. Each …

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Tech News 45

The Whole Spreadsheets as Databases Thing is Pretty Cool

A spreadsheet has always been a strong (if fairly literal) analogy for a database. A database has tables, which is like a single spreadsheet. Imagine …

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Tech News 27

Sales Popups #2: How to Create a Popup for Your WordPress Shop Archive Page

In the second segment of our pop-up tutorial series, learn more sales-related tips on how to create popups for Shop Archive Pages. The post Sales …

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