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Tech News 16

SXSW 2019: Rural Innovation Is Vital to Global Progress

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Government efforts to prevent rural communities from withering have become more prevalent in recent years as populations continue migrating to cities, with …

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SXSW 2019: Hear Gov Tech Startup Founders Pitch the Mayors

With a $10,000 prize for a first-place finish, at SXSW a handful of startup founders pitched a panel of mayors convened by the U.S. Conference …

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Tech News 17

SXSW 2019: 5 Uses of VR Tech from the Convention Floor

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Virtual and augmented reality technologies, which just a few years ago started showing up at SXSW at a trickle, have now arrived …

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Tech News 18

SXSW 2019: Civic-Minded Startups Compete for Mayors’ Votes

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Local governments are increasingly turning to startups with new ideas to meet the demands of citizens. While some needs go largely unrecognized …

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Tech News 19

SXSW 2019: U.S. Mayors Weigh In, Armed with New Ideas

AUSTIN, Texas — The presence of U.S. mayors is hard to miss if you have your finger on the political pulse of SXSW. During a …

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Tech News 20

SXSW 2019: 5 Things We Saw in the Amplify Philly House

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Every year, SXSW is home to a collection of cities, states and countries in miniature. Taking the form of jurisdiction-branded houses and …

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Tech News 21

SXSW 2019: Should Feds or States Govern Consumer Privacy?

AUSTIN, TEXAS — California recently made waves with the passage of comprehensive consumer data protection rules — rules the private sector has sharply criticized for …

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Tech News 22

RSA Conference 2019: What You Need to Know

As the rain fell outside on the Moscone Center this past week in downtown San Francisco, the 2019 RSA Conference inside was full of cybersolutions. …

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Tech News 23

SXSW 2019: No Silver Bullet in Election Security Fight

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Since the 2016 presidential election, securing voting infrastructure has been top of mind for federal, state and local elections officials. As Jeanette Manfra, the …

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Tech News 24

SXSW 2019: Local Gov Data Scientists Vital for 2020 Census

AUSTIN, TEXAS — The U.S. government is preparing for its first online census, which will, as always, have vast consequences for local government tied to the accuracy …

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Tech News 25

SXSW 2019: Mayors and the Future — An Inextricable Bond

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Like it or not, technology is already shaping the way local governments function at a core level. Smart leaders acknowledge the potential …

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Tech News 26

SXSW 2019: Nation’s Mayors Consider Who’s Left Behind Online

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Digital inclusion has increasingly become a vital focus for municipal governments in recent years as more services migrate online, with cities rapidly …

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Tech News 27

Live: Government Technology’s Coverage of SXSW 2019

SXSW 2019: Why Smart Cities Need to Be Inclusive Cities The push to make cities smarter often disproportionately favors people without disabilities. Experts argue that the …

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Tech News 28

HMTL, CSS and JS in an ADD, OCD, Bi-Polar, Dyslexic and Autistic World

Hey CSS-Tricksters! A lot of folks tweeted, emailed, commented and even courier pigeoned (OK, maybe not that) stories about their personal journeys learning web development …

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Tech News 29

Maine Names Longtime University IT Leader as New State CIO

Fred Brittain, a longtime IT leader for the University of Maine system, will become CIO for the entire state starting next month.  Brittain will take …

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Tech News 30

SXSW 2019: Why Smart Cities Need to Be Inclusive Cities

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Cities are growing at the fastest rate in human history — and so are the expectations being placed on them. For most, …

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Tech News 31

Nexus Software Hopes to Make Parole Decisions Evidence-Based

One in 55 American adults — about 4.5 million people — were on probation or parole in 2016, according to a study published last year …

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Tech News 32

SXSW 2019: Can Artificial Intelligence Spot Stressed Cops?

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Imagine a future in which tech — likely powered by artificial intelligence or natural language processing — gauges when an officer has …

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Tech News 33

Three Factors to Smart City Security (Contributed)

A smart city seems to be the goal that many city officials are striving for today, the sign that a city has enough advanced technology …

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Tech News 34

Securing Exim for your Hosting Environment

Exim (Experimental Internal Mailer) is a mail transfer agent known for being a general and flexible mailer, with many tools for checking incoming email. Created in 1995 by …

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Tech News 35

What’s New in Civic Tech: Transparency Group Praises AOC

The Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for open government, praised U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., this week for the way the freshman congresswoman …

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Tech News 36

Styling Based on Scroll Position

Rik Schennink documents a system for being able to write CSS selectors that style a page when it has scrolled to a certain point. If …

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Tech News 37

8 Little Videos About the Firefox Shape Path Editor

Image from by Quino Al If you ask any Frontend developer – what is the one tool, except the browser and your editor/IDE, that you …

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Tech News 38

Elementor Talks #24: How to Create a Successful WordPress Theme

Sujay Pawar is a die-hard entrepreneur and co-founder of Brainstorm Force, the company behind Astra. On our podcast, Sujay talks about the advantages of creating …

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