ToolKit For Elementor – Plugin Review


This is a warning about the ToolKit For Elementor plugin so that you may be aware and save yourself some time and money. I purchased a lifetime unlimited (LTD) license in August 2020.

Toolkit for elementor

I installed it on a few sites. But it was too buggy and some features didn’t work as expected, so I uninstalled it and didn’t bother installing it on other sites. I came back around after seeing new features added, installed on a new site and reviewed the new features. Still some new features didn’t work as expected and caused conflict with other plugins. Again, I deactivated it. Yes, I reported the issues and they stated they would work to resolve them. I understand new plugins/software takes some time to mature and I don’t mind investing early and waiting until it’s bug free and functional to actually start using it. In fact, I have purchased dozens of LTD/Agency licenses from different developers and currently use about two thirds of them. They had many issues including not being able to login to their site.

ToolKit For Elementor

I never received a reply regarding not being able to login to their website. In May 2021, ToolKit For Elementor offered an Enterprise plan upgrade for a $35 fee for existing ToolKit For Elementor members that included an audit/optimization service. Here’s a screenshot of their offer. Notice there is no mention of losing the LTD license.

Toolkit for Elementor

After making the purchase, I did not receive a receipt from ToolKit For Elementor and I only received a receipt email from PayPal for a subscription with ToolKit For Elementor for $199 per year. Which didn’t sound right because there was no mention of the $199 or a recurring subscription. I reached out to support for clarification, I provided the receipt showing the recurring subscription and stated that I already owned a lifetime license. The receipt showed my account email address.

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ToolKit For Elementor

I checked my Toolkit For Elementor account and now see the Enterprise plan charge for $35 and notice that it’s listed as an annual plan. But it doesn’t state that the annual plan is $199 per year. This felt very deceptive even if it was only $50/year.

ToolKit For Elementor

Before they could reply and within 10 minutes of making the purchase, I decided I did not want a subscription for audit/optimization services and cancelled the “upgrade” recurring subscription through PayPal.

Toolkit For Elementor

Like I said, I never received an email receipt from ToolKit For Elementor for the “upgrade”. However, I did receive an email from them when I cancelled the “upgrade”.

Toolkit For Elementor

Now, in July 2021, ToolKit For Elementor sent a newsletter stating that unlimited sites would be ending, pricing will increase, and the LTD (lifetime deal) members will have no changes.

Toolkit For Elementor

At this point, I had not heard back from ToolKit For Elementor regarding the Enterprise plan clarification. Naturally, I decided to check my account and license to verify that no changes have been made. To my surprise, my lifetime (LTD) license now shows as an annual renewal.

Toolkit For Elementor

I figured this must be a mistake and reached out to support again.

ToolKit For Elementor

They replied and tried to offer me a discount for an LTD license.

Toolkit For Elementor

Then I receive a discount code in a separate email. I checked out the discount code and it was for 25%. So now they want to me pay again for an LTD license I had already purchased.

Toolkit For Elementor

At this point, they are blaming me. They are not honoring my LTD purchase or acknowledging that I questioned their procedure and cancelled the “upgrade” within 10 minutes after realizing the upgrade was an annual subscription, only after receiving the recurring subscription receipt from PayPal. I have an active Enterprise plan that expires in 2022 and they want to charge me to “downgrade” back to my LTD plan. In 20 years I have not experienced anything like this.

You’ve been warned.

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