Vimeo Launches New User Profile Page Updates

Vimeo Launches New User Profile Page Updates 3

Vimeo, the web hosting, sharing and services platform, has launched a new profile page experience. The profile page update enables users to customize more of their profiles. They can also add details to help them become hired for projects, such as experience and rates.

The profile page update allows users to tag the brands and businesses they have previously worked with.

Vimeo Profile Page Updates

In 2019, Vimeo launched a marketplace for businesses platform. The platform is designed to help businesses find and hire creative professionals for video creation projects. With the marketplace platform, professional video creatives have a platform to get hired and paid for their services.

Engaging Audiences with Video Content

Videos are recognized as an effective way for small businesses to engage with both customers and prospects. Using video as a marketing strategy is gaining traction across almost every industry. With the Vimeo marketplace, small businesses can find and commission professionals to create bespoke videos for different campaigns.

For video creation professionals, the marketplace serves as a valuable place to market their services, find clients, and make money.

Finding the Right Video Professional for the Job

The new Vimeo profile page helps video creators sell their services more proficiently. It also helps small businesses find their right person for a video project, thereby saving time and effort.

In a blog about the new Vimeo profile pages, Derick Rhodes, Vice President of Community Products at Vimeo, wrote:

“In speaking with members of the Vimeo community about your goals as video professionals, it’s clear that you need tools to help you showcase your incredible work and get discovered. We want your Vimeo profile to be your professional home. That’s why we’re announcing a brand new profile page experience.

“This new design allows your work and industry experience to take center stage like never before,” Rhodes added.

Add Important User Information

Users can now add important information to help them get hired, such as details about rates. They can also list brands, clients, and collaborators they have worked with on previous projects.

Videos Incorporated into the Vimeo Profile Page Experience

For the first time, Vimeo has incorporated videos into its profile pages. Professionals on Vimeo simply drag and drop any of the videos they want on their grid.

Share Vimeo Profiles Across Social Channels

Vimeo users can also share their Vimeo profiles across social channels. Another new feature is that viewers can share profiles too, to draw attention to a creative professional.

User Profile Experience on One Page

The entire profile is now on one page. All the updating takes place on the one page, making it more convenient to use.

You can learn more about polishing a Vimeo profile with its enhanced profile pages via the platform’s launch video.


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