Where Is My Rank Math PRO License Key?


Rank Math does not make use of license keys for the purposes of upgrading to Rank Math PRO. In the following video, we take you through the entire installation & activation process:

Rank Math PRO Installation & Activation

1 Upgrade To A Rank Math PRO Plan Of Your Choice

The first step – if you haven’t done so already – is to use your existing Rank Math account to upgrade to a Rank Math PRO plan of your choice.

2 Download Rank Math PRO

Navigate to your account area to download Rank Math PRO, as shown below:

Where Is My Rank Math PRO License Key? 3

3 Install Rank Math PRO On Your Website

Once you’ve downloaded Rank Math PRO from your account area, it’s time to install it on your WordPress website. To do so, head over to the WordPress admin area for your website and then navigate to Plugins > Add New.

Add new plugins

Then click on Upload Plugin. Select the zip file that you downloaded by clicking on Choose File. Then click on Install Now.

Upload Plugin

4 Connect Your Rank Math Account

Now that you’ve installed and activated the Rank Math PRO plugin on your website, you need to authenticate your Rank Math account. This can be done in the WordPress admin area by navigating to Rank Math > Dashboard > Help – as shown below:

Rank Math PRO help

Ensure that you connect to the same Rank Math account that you used to upgrade to a Rank Math PRO plan earlier. Then, click Connect Now.

5 Select The Plan Level

if you have both a Rank Math PRO & Business Subscription on your website, you’ll have the ability to choose which plan you’d like to activate this website on – as shown below:

Select the license

Then, simply click OK. And you’ve now successfully upgraded to Rank Math PRO – congratulations! 🎉

Rank Math PRO activated

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